Belize - List of Champions

Interdistrict Championship

1962    Stann Creek
1969/70 FC San Joaquín
1971    FC San Joaquín
1972/73 Queen's Park Rangers (Stann Creek) 
1973/74 Queen's Park Rangers
1976/77 Queen's Park Rangers (Stann Creek) 
1977/78 Mighty Avengers FC  (San Ignacio/Santa Elena)   [won all 14 matches]
1978/79 Queen's Park Rangers (Stann Creek) 

NB: Stann Creek won the tournament 3 times

National Division

Belize CONCACAF Champions Cup Participants

NB: participants in the calendar year ending the indicated season 
1984/85 Real Verdes        
1987/88 Acros Duurly's       
1988/89 Acros Duurly's 
1990/91   Acros Duurly's and Real Verdes

NB: the 1991/92 (or 1991?) season was the first semi-professional one.

season  champions                         runners-up
1991/92 La Victoria (Corozal)         3-2 Yabra SC (Belize City)
1992/93 Acros Carib (Belize City)
1993/94 La Victoria (Corozal)             Juventus (Orange Walk)
1994/95 Acros Crystal (Belize City)       Juventus (Orange Walk)
1995/96 Juventus (Orange Walk)            Real Verdes (Benque Viejo del Carmen)
1996/97 Juventus (Orange Walk)  
1997/98 Juventus (Orange Walk)            Acros (Belize City)       
1998/99 Juventus (Orange Walk)            La Victoria Dolphins (Corozal)    
1999/00 Sagitún (Independence)            Grigamandala (Dangriga)         
2000/01 Kulture Yabra (Belize City)       Belmopan Bandits       
2001/02 Kulture Yabra (Belize City)       Juventus Stars (Orange Walk)

"A" Tournament

2002/03 New Erei FC (Dangriga)            Cayo Highlanders FC (San Ignacio)
2003/04 Boca Juniors (?)
NB: Yabra SC were founded 1983, later renamed Yabra Tropical, and since 1999/00 Yabra Kulture

BPFL Regent Challenge Champions Cup (Dissident League)

2002/03 Sagitún (Independence)            Belmopan Bandits     
2003    Kulture Yabra (Belize City)       Belmopan Bandits
2004    Sagitún (Independence)            Juventus (Orange Walk)

National League

2005    Juventus (Orange Walk)            Sagitún (Independence) 
2005/06 New Site Erei (Dangriga)          Boca FC (Independence)
2006    New Site Erei (Dangriga)          Hankook Verdes

RFG Insurance League/Belize Premier Football League

2006    FC Belize (Belize City)           Wagiya (Dangriga)
2007    FC Belize (Belize City)           Revolutionary Conquerors (Dangriga)
2007/08 Hankook Verdes (San Ignacio Town) Belize Defence Force (Belize City)
2008    Ilagulei (Dangriga)               Nizhee Corozal
2009    Nizhee Corozal                    Hankook Verdes United    [spring] 
2009    Belize Defence Force (Belize C.)  FC Belize (Belize City)  [fall] 
2010    Belize Defence Force (Belize C.)  Georgetown Ibayani       [spring]
2010/11 Belize Defence Force (Belize C.)  Toledo Ambassadors       [fall] 
2011      abandoned

Premier League of Belize

2012    Placencia Assassins               Police United (Belmopan)
2012/13 Belmopan Bandits                  Police United (Belmopan)
2013    Police United (Belmopan)          FC Belize (Belize City)
2013/14 Belmopan Bandits                  FC Belize (Belize City)
2014    Belmopan Bandits                  Police United (Belmopan)  
NB: the BPFL clubs disassociated themselves from the federation in 2002; apparently the split was resolved in 2004.

District Championships

Belize City First Division

1957    Diamond A              [season may have been 1958; other sources: Dunlop]                                                   [Dunlop were one of the other partcipating teams]
1964/65 British Honduras Company   
1966/67 Landivar 
1967/68 Landivar  
1968/69 Landivar 
1969/70 Landivar 
1970-74   not known
NB: in the 1970s teams such as Chito's Eleven, Berger 404, White Label, Charger, Landivar,
    Police Invaders, Bellprint, Haig Dimple, Red Stripes, CrossSpot etc. played. 
1974/75 Berger 404  
1975/76   not known
1976/77 Berger 404 
1977/78 Chito's Rangers 

NB: British Honduras Company renamed Belize Estate and Produce Company (BEC) in 1975

Belize District
1998/99 San Pedro Turquoise
1999/00 Yabra
2000/01 Metro Stars
2001/02 Caye Caulker FC 
2004    Pueblo Escondido

Belmopan District
1998/99 Humming Bird Rattan Weavers
1999/00 Caribbean Cotton Tree
2000/01   not known
2001/02 Camalote 
2005/06 Cotton Tree

Cayo District
1998/99 Unitedville
1999/00 Unitedville
2000/01 Benque FC
2001/02 Boca Juniors San Ignacio
2012/13 San Martín Aguilas

Corozal District
1998/99 Ranchito
1999/00 Carolina
2000/01 WASA
2001/02 Corozal Kardims
2005/06 Adventures FC   (Clausura)

Orange Walk District
1984/85   not known Runners-up: Juventus
1985/86 Juventus
1986/87   not known
1987/88 Juventus
1988/89 Juventus
1989-98   not known
1998/99 Louisiana Area FC
1999/00 Lazio FC Guinea Grass
2000/01 Crystal
2001/02 La Costeña (San Antonio)

Stann Creek
1972/73 Queen's Park Rangers
1973/74 Queen's Park Rangers
1974/75 Queen's Park Rangers
1975/76 Queen's Park Rangers
1976/77 Queen's Park Rangers
1977/78 Queen's Park Rangers
1978-98 not known
1998/99 Wagiya 2000
1999/00 Griga Conquerors
2000/01 Campari Dangriga
2001/02 New Site Erei
NB: between 1972 and 1978 Queen's Park Rangers reportedly did not lose a single match

Toledo District
1998/99 Estrellas
1999/00 Mavericks
2000/01 Jacintoville United
2001/02 Cosmos

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