Honduras 1965/66


First ever national league

In 1964 a triangular tournament was organised between three clubs
from the Liga Dionisio de Herrera, viz. Vida, Victoria and 
Atlántida; winners Vida qualified for the national league.

Participants (10):
  Atlético Español (Tegucigalpa)
  Honduras (El Progreso)
  La Salle (San Pedro Sula)
  Marathón (San Pedro Sula)
  Motagua (Tegucigalpa)
  Platense (Puerto Cortés)
  Olimpia (Tegucigalpa)
  Real España (San Pedro Sula)
  Troya (Tegucigalpa)
  Vida (La Ceiba)

Round 1 [Jul 18, 1965]
Olimpia     3-0 Marathón
Real España 1-0 Troya
Honduras    3-0 A. Español
Vida        4-1 Motagua
Platense    6-2 La Salle

Further Results Platense:

A. Español  1-1 Platense
Vida        2-0 Platense
Platense    3-0 Marathón
Motagua     0-2 Platense
Platense    3-2 Real España 
Platense    3-1 Troya 
Olimpia     1-1 Platense
Honduras    2-3 Platense

Platense    5-3 Honduras
Troya       0-0 Platense
La Salle    2-3 Platense
Platense    1-1 Vida
Platense    2-1 A. Español 
Platense    1-0 Motagua
Marathón    2-5 Platense    
Platense    1-2 Olimpia
Real España 0-2 Platense

Champions: Platense 
Runners-Up: Olimpia
Last: Atlético Español (no relegation)


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