South West Africa (Namibia) 1985

NNSL Super league

Final Round [Oct 20]
Tigers                  1-0 African Stars
Black Africa            3-3 Orlando Pirates
Final Table:

 1.Tigers                  14                   19  Champions
 2.Blue Waters             14                   17
 3.African Stars           14                   17
 4.Chelsea                 14                   17
 5.Black Africa
  .Orlando Pirates
 8.Eleven Arrows

CFA League 1985

Top Final Standings:

 2.Young Ones
 3.SK Windhoek
 4.Hungry Lions or Sorento Bucs

Western League 1985

Winners: Namib Woestyn FC

Mainstay Cup 1985

NB: 24 participating teams (4 each from CFA, NNSL, Westerns, Northerns and Far North, with
                            3 from the South and 1 from the KavangolOkavango region).
Round 1 [Nov 2,3]
Celtic                  7-1 Pubs
Super Stars             3-1 United Stars
Rundu Teenagers         2-1 Young Ones Khomasdal
Golden Bees             drw Cuca Tops               [4-3 pen]
Hungry Lions            2-1 Dynamos           
Orlando Tigers          2-1 Royals
Explorer XI             4-2 Young Beauties    
SK Windhoek            12-1 Action Shoes
Round 2
[Nov 9]
Hungry Lions            3-4 Namib Woestyn
SK Windhoek             3-2 Robber Chanties
[Nov 10]
Super Stars             3-5 Chief Santos
Ramblers                5-0 Celtic
Orlando Tigers          6-3 Black Arrows
Golden Bees             2-1 Black Morocco Chiefs
Explorer XI             4-3 Real Fighters           [on pen?]
Rundu Teenagers         drw Sorento Bucs            [4-3 pen]
Quarterfinals [Nov 16]
Ramblers                5-1 Orlando Tigers
Namib Woestyn           1-4 Golden Bees
SK Windhoek             1-1 Explorer Eleven         [4-2 pen]
Chief Santos            2-0 Teenagers

Semifinals [Nov 17]
Ramblers                4-0 Golden Bees
Chief Santos            2-0 SK Windhoek                         
Final [Nov 23, Katutara Stadium]
Ramblers                4-0 Chief Santos

Hans and Louis Floating Trophy 1985

NB: for the NNSL League Cup

African Stars           2-0 Black Africa            [aet]
Eleven Arrows           bt  Tigers

Final [Oct 26]
African Stars           2-1 Eleven Arrows           [aet]

Champion of Champions Tournament 1985

Venue: Windhoek, Khomasdal Field

Group A
Blue Waters
African Stars
Eleven Arrows
Group B
Orlando Pirates
Black Africa
[Nov 23]
Benfica                  -  Blue Waters
African Stars            -  Eleven Arrows
Orlando Pirates          -  Tigers
Black Africa             -  Chelsea
[Nov 24]
Benfica                  -  African Stars
Blue Waters              -  Eleven Arrows
Orlando Pirates          -  Black Africa
Tigers                   -  Chelsea
[Nov 30]
Benfica                  -  Eleven Arrows
African Stars            -  Blue Waters
Orlando Pirates          -  Chelsea
Black Africa             -  Tigers      
Third Place Match [Nov 31]    
Final [Dec 8]
African Stars           4-0 Black Africa



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