Spain - Cup 1939

Spanish Civil War finished on April 1st, 1939. During the
last months some regional championships were played, so 
the Spanish Cup was organised with only 14 teams.

Note that some important regions didn't have football activity,
so they didn't have representatives in the Spanish Cup, such as
for instance Catalonia, Madrid or Valencia.

The name of the tournament changes to Copa del Generalísimo.

Qualified teams:

Champ. Vizcaya (2): Bilbao Athletic, Baracaldo Orimendi
Champ. Guipúzcoa (2): Alavés (Vitoria), Donostia (currently Real Sociedad)
Champ. Galicia (1): Racing Ferrol
Champ. Sur (Andalucía) (2): Sevilla, Real Betis (Sevilla)
Champ. Aragón (2): Aviación Nacional (Zaragoza), Zaragoza FC
Champ. Cantabria (2): Racing Santander, Unión Montañesa (Santander)
Champ. Navarra (1): Osasuna (Pamplona)
Champ. Baleares (1): Constancia (Inca)
Champ. Northern Africa (1): Ceuta Sport
An Asturian regional XI inscribed but didn't play.
Championships not played: Catalonia, Centro, Valencia, Asturias, Castilla-León,
                          Murcia, Extremadura and Canary Islands.


May 14th and 21st

Racing Ferrol - Asturias XI           withdrew
Unión Montañesa - Baracaldo Oriamendi 0-2, 1-5
Bilbao Athletic - Alavés (Vitoria)    1-2, 2-6
Osasuna (Pamplona) - Zaragoza         0-1, 1-3
Real Betis - Aviación Nacional        1-1, 0-4
Ceuta Sport - Sevilla                 3-4, 1-2
Bye: Racing Santander and Donostia (San Sebastián)


May 28th and June 5th

Racing Ferrol-Donostia (S.Sebastián)  3-1, 0-0
Baracaldo Oriamendi - Zaragoza        2-1, 2-2
Aviación Nacional (Zgza.) - Sevilla   2-0, 1-4
Racing Santander - Alavés (Vitoria)   2-5, 1-2


June 11th and 18th

Racing Ferrol - Baracaldo Oriamendi   1-1, 2-1
Sevilla - D. Alavés (Vitoria)         6-5, 1-1

Barcelona (Montjuïc stadium), June 25th

SEVILLA FC - RACING FERROL                 6-2
Goals: Campanal I(3), Pepillo (2), Raimundo; Silvosa (2)
Sevilla: Bueno, Cayuso, Villalonga, Torrontegui, Félix, Leoncito,
         López, Pepillo, Campanal I, Raimundo, Berrocal
Racing Ferrol: Alberty, Caliche, Moreno,Bertolí, Silvosa, Basterrechea,
               Lelé, Gallart, Barón, Edelmiro, Portugués

Note about Aviación Nacional:

This was a military team, composed by members of the Air Force (many of
them originally from the Canary Islands). At the end of the war, they 
settled in Zaragoza, where they won the championship of Aragón.

Some military authorities had promised them a place in First Division. 
Since they didn't actually have a right to it, they were merged with 
Athletic Madrid, taking the name of Athletic Aviación (and they were 
league champions in 1940).  Since 1946 this merger club has been called 
Atlético Madrid.

Overview of Finals


1937 (Copa de España Libre)


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