Spain - Copa de España Libre 1937

The Spanish Cup 1937 couldn't be played because of the Civil War.

In the Republican part, two regional championships and the 
Mediterranean League were played, looking to maintain a bit 
of normality.

In the same way, a Cup was organized, with the name "Copa de 
España Libre" (Cup of Free Spain).
It was to be played by the top four teams of the Mediterranean League. 
However, FC Barcelona prefered to travel to Mexico and USA to play more 
than 20 matches, looking to increase its international prestige and earning 
money for the Republicans. 

So, Levante FC (fifth in the Mediterranean League) was admitted to play the Cup.


Semifinal round
06.06.1937    Levante FC - Girona FC    2-2
              CE Espanyol - Valencia FC 0-2
12.06.1937    CE Espanyol - Girona FC   6-3
              Valencia FC - Levante FC  0-4
20.06.1937    Levante FC - CE Espanyol  4-1
              Girona FC - Valencia FC   1-1
27.06.1937    Valencia FC - CE Espanyol 5-1
              Girona FC - Levante FC    2-2
04.07.1937    Levante FC - Valencia FC  5-2
              Girona FC - CE Espanyol   1-2
11.07.1937    CE Espanyol - Levante FC  2-1
15.07.1937    Girona FC - Valencia FC   2-2

 1.Levante FC (Valencia)       6  3  2  1  18- 9  8
 2.Valencia FC                 6  2  2  2  12-13  6
 3.CE Espanyol (Barcelona)     6  3  0  3  12-16  6
 4.Girona FC                   6  0  4  2  11-15  4

Levante FC and Valencia FC qualify to final


18.07.1937    Levante FC - Valencia FC       1-0
Played in Barcelona

Champion: Levante FC (Valencia)

Note: in the history of Spanish football, this tournament is 
      not accepted as an official Spanish Cup.

Name changes:
Levante FC merged with Gimnástico FC in 1939, forming the current Levante UD (Valencia)
CE Espanyol changed its name to RCD Espanyol (Barcelona).

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