Benin - List of Champions

NB: see below for additional information for 1949-1959 (prior to independence)

1969    FAD (Cotonou)
1970    AS Porto-Novo (Porto-Novo)
1971    AS Cotonou (Cotonou)
1972    AS Porto-Novo (Porto-Novo)
1973    AS Porto-Novo (Porto-Novo)
1974    Etoile Sportive (Porto-Novo)
1975      no competition
1976      no competition
1977      no competition
1978    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
1979    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
1980    Buffles de Borgou (Parakou)
1981    Ajijas (Cotonou)
1982    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
1983    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
1984    Lions de l'Atakory (Cotonou)
1985    Requins de l'Atlantique (Cotonou)
1986    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
1987    Requins de l'Atlantique (Cotonou)
1988      no competition
1989    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
1990    Requins de l'Atlantique (Cotonou)
1991    Postel Sport (Porto-Novo)
1992    Buffles de Borgou (Parakou)
1993    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
1994    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
1995    Toffa (Cotonou)
1996    Mogas 90 (Porto Novo)
1997    Mogas 90 (Porto Novo)
1998    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
1999    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)  [mini tournoi]
2000      no official championship
2001      no official championship
2001/02 Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
2003    Dragons de l'Ouémé (Porto-Novo)
2004      abandoned
2005/06 Mogas 90 (Porto Novo)
2007    Tonnerre d'Abomey FC
2008/09   transitional championship, declared invalid
2009/10 ASPAC (Cotonou)
2010/11   abandoned
2011/12 ASPAC (Cotonou)
2012/13 Jeunesse Athlétique du Plateau (Pobè)
2013/14 Buffles de Borgou (Parakou)
2014/15   abandoned
2016      abandoned
2017    Buffles de Borgou (Parakou)

Number of Championships (36)

12 Dragons de l'Ouémé

 4 Buffles de Borgou   

 3 Mogas 90 de la Sonacop FC
   AS Porto-Novo 
   Requins de l'Atlantique

 2 ASPAC (Cotonou) 

 1 Ajijas 
   AS Cotonou 
   Jeunesse Athlétique du Plateau (Pobè)
   Lions de l'Atakory 
   Postel Sport 
   Tonnerre d'Abomey FC

NB: ASPAC = Association Sportive du Port Autonome de Cotonou

Between 1949 and 1959, one club from Benin reached the 1/8 finals of the Coupe d'AOF;
it is possible these clubs were considered the "national" champions of the territory at
the time:

1949    Etoile Sportive (Porto-Novo)
1950      not known
1951    Etoile Sportive (Porto-Novo)
1952    AS Porto-Novo
1953    Etoile Sportive (Porto-Novo)
1954    AS Porto-Novo
1955    AS Porto-Novo
1956    Essor de Porto-Novo
1957      not known
1958    Alliance Sportive (Cotonou)
1959    Alliance Sportive (Cotonou)  

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