Congo (Brazzaville) - List of Cup Winners

Stanley Pool Cup 1928-1938

Coupe du Congo

1974  Vita Club Mokanda 
1975-76 unknown
1977  Vita Club Mokanda 
1978  Inter Club 
1979-80 unknown
1981  CARA 
Coupe du Congo de Foot-ball
1982  AS Cheminots             bt  Diables Noirs
1983  Etoile du Congo          bt  Seaco
1984  AS Cheminots             bt  Ucosport 
1985  Inter Club 
1986  CARA 
1987  Inter Club 
1988  Patronage Sainte Anne 
1989  Diables Noirs            bt  Sucosport de Nkayi
1990  Diables Noirs            bt  Inter Club
1991  Elecsport de Bouansa     0-0 Diables Noirs         [3-2 pen]
1992  CARA                     bt  Diables Noirs
1993  CARA                     1-0 Etoile du Congo
1994  EPB                      1-0 Inter Club            [aet]
1995  Etoile du Congo          1-0 Inter Club            [aet]
1996  Vita Club Mokanda        bt  Etoile du Congo
1997    no competition   
1998    no competition                   
1999    no competition                   
2000  Etoile du Congo          5-1 Vita Club Mokanda
2001  AS Police                1-0 Etoile du Congo
2002  Etoile du Congo          2-1 FC Abeilles  
2003  Diables Noirs            0-0 Vita Club Mokanda     [aet, 3-2 pen]
2004  Muni Sport               0-0 Vita Club Mokanda     [3-0 pen]
2005  Diables Noirs            1-1 Patronage Sainte Anne [4-2 pen]
2006  Etoile du Congo          2-1 Jeunesse Sportive de Talangaï
2007  Jeunesse Sp. de Talangaï 2-1 CARA
2008  Club 57                  2-1 AS Kondzo
2009  AC Léopards              awd CARA                  [awarded 3-0; abandoned at 1-0]
2010    not awarded                        [*]
2011  AC Léopards              1-0 Diables Noirs
2012  Diables Noirs            1-0 AC Léopards
2013  AC Léopards              1-0 Diables Noirs
2014  Diables Noirs            2-0 CARA
2015  Diables Noirs            1-0 AC Léopards

[*] final between Etoile du Congo and AC Léopards not played due to controversy
    over the registration of a number of Etoile players from Congo-Kinshasa

NB: editions prior to 1982 are unofficial or belong to a predecessor
    tournament; Seaco and Ucosport (in 1983 and 1984 respectively)
    were the only lower level clubs to reach the final.

Number of Wins (31 editions (since 1982); no winners 2010)

 7 Diables Noirs (Brazzaville)

 5 Etoile du Congo (Brazzaville)

 3 CARA (Brazzaville)
   AC Léopards (Dolisie)

 2 AS Cheminots (Pointe Noire)
   Inter Club (Brazzaville)

 1 Club 57 (Brazzaville)
   Elecsport (Bouansa)
   EPB (Pointe Noire)
   Jeunesse Sportive de Talangaï (Brazzaville)
   Muni Sport (Pointe Noire)
   Patronage Sainte Anne (Brazzaville)
   AS Police (Brazzaville)
   Vita Club Mokanda (Pointe Noire)

NB: CARA = Club Athlétique Renaissance Aiglon
    EPB = Entreprise Peinture et Bâtiments

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