Austria/Habsburg Monarchy - Challenge Cup 1897-1911

The Challenge Cup was founded by John Gramlick, one of the founders of the Vienna Cricket and Football Club (better known as 'Cricketer'), in 1897. It was open to all clubs in the Habsburg Monarchy but practically restricted to teams from the three metropoles Wien, Budapest and Praha.

Originally the trophy was to be kept by the first team to win it in three consecutive seasons, but in 1903 this rule was changed and the cup made into a permanent 'Wanderpokal', no team being allowed to retain it. It is now in possession of the last winners, Wiener Sport-Club (currently called Wiener Sportklub following a short-lived merger with SV Gerasdorf and two insolvencies in the 1990s).

It can be seen as a fore-runner of both the Austrian (Viennese) cup competition started in 1918 and the renowned Mitropa-Cup started in 1927.

In the same period (the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century), the Tagblatt-Pokal (a first league championship) was played.


Season    Winners                   Runners-Up

1897/98   Vienna Cricket FC     7-0 FC 98
1898/99   First Vienna FC       4-1 AC Victoria
1899/00   First Vienna FC       2-0 Vienna Cricket FC
1900/01   Wiener AC             1-0 SK Slavia Praha
1901/02   Vienna Cricket FC     2-1 Budapesti TC
1902/03   Wiener AC             w/o CAFC Vinohrady (Praha)
1903/04   Wiener AC             7-0 Vienna Cricket FC
1904/05   Wiener SV             2-1 Magyar AC (Budapest)
1905/06     not held
1906/07     not held (instead a "Wiener Cup" was played)
1907/08     not held
1908/09   Ferencvárosi TC       2-1 Wiener Sport-Club
1909/10     not held
1910/11   Wiener Sport-Club     3-0 Ferencvárosi TC   

Number of Wins (10)

 3 Wiener AC

 2 Vienna Cricket FC
   First Vienna FC
   Wiener Sport-Club (includes Wiener SV)

 1 Ferencvárosi TC


Participants (4):
Cricketer - Vienna Cricket and FC (organisers)
FC 98     - Fußballklub von "98" - the football section of the
            Deutsch-Österreichischer Turnverein which had split off
            from the original club
Training  - Rasenspielclub Training
Vienna    - First Vienna FC

Note that the Allgemeine Sportzeitung already used the name 
'Fussballklub von 1898' in November 1897!

[Nov 14, 1897; Forstwiese, Prater]
Training      0-5 FC 98
  [Sonnenschein (3 or 4), Pollack (2 or 1)]
[Nov 15, 1897; Jesuitenwiese, Prater]
Cricketer     3-2 Vienna
  [1-0 Mollisch (og), 2-0 Gandon, 2-1 Gindl, 2-2 Nicholson (also given
   as Galler (og)), Nash 3-2; half-time 2-1]

Final [Nov 21, 1897; Forstwiese, Prater, kick-off 15:30]
Cricketer     7-0 FC 98
  [1-0 Blakely, 2-0 Blakely (pen), 3-0 Gandon; remaining 4 goals by
   Nash, Shire and Blakely (unclear who scored 2 of these 4)]


Participants (5):
Cricketer - Vienna Cricket and FC 
FC 98     - Fußballklub von "98"
Vienna    - First Vienna FC
Victoria  - Athletic-Club Victoria
WAC       - Wiener Athleticsport-Club

Note that AC Victoria were later written Viktoria (and merged with 
Cricketer in 1911/12.)

First Round [Nov 15, 1898]
Cricketer     2-2 WAC
  [1-0 Redfern, 2-0 Shires, 2-1 Starrach, 2-2 Gössing; half-time 2-0]
  [Cricket: Reguis, Lowe, Kutscher, Meisl, Windett, Gramlich, Barizot, 
            Redfern, Gandon, Blyth, Shires;
   WAC: Nauss, Leuthe, Schön, Haller, Flavin, Sokol, Dettelmeyer, Gössing,
        Starrach, Albrecht, Zimmy.]

First Round Replay [Nov 20, 1898; WAC-Platz]
WAC           2-3 Cricketer
  [1-0 Studnicka, 1-1 Redfern; other goal scorers not known; half-time 1-1]

[Nov 27, 1898, Hohe Warte]
Vienna        1-0 Cricketer
  [1-0 Lowe (og); half-time 1-0]
  [Vienna: Mollisch; Alfred Marek, Nicholson; Niedl, Anlauf, Ochsenhofer;
           Eckstein, Trinks, Gindl, Schönpflug, Soldat.]
[Dec 4, 1898; Forstwiese, Prater]
Victoria      3-1 FC 98
  [1-0 Sauer, 2-0 Sohr II, 3-0 Sohr II, 3-1 Prager II]
  [Victoria: W.Zander, Sauer, Albert, Grünbaum, Gross, Albala, Sohr II, 
             E.Zander, Engel, Sohr I, Seipelt;
   FC 98: R.Stör, R.Max, Rolland, Monkey, Roller I, Korany, W.Berger,
          Flamm, Polack, Prager II, Roller II.]

Final [Mar 5, 1899; Jesuitenwiese, Prater; kick-off 15:00]
Vienna        4-1 Victoria
  [1-0 Soldat; half-time 2-1; other scorers not known]
  [Vienna: Mollisch, Alfred, Nicholson, O’Hofer, Anlauf, Niedl, Retzbach, 
           Schönpflug, Eckstein, Hans, Soldat;
   Victoria: W.Zander, Grossmann, Sauer, Würth, Gross, Albala, Siems,
             Sohr II, Sohr I, E.Zander, Geiringer.]


Participants (5):
Cricketer - Vienna Cricket and FC 
FC 98     - Fußballklub von "98" 
Rapid     - SK Rapid
Vienna    - First Vienna FC
WAC       - Wiener Athleticsport-Club

First Round [Nov 26, 1899]
Cricketer    11-0 Rapid
  [half-time 5-0]

[Dec 8, 1899]
Cricketer     2-1 WAC
  [1-0 ? (pen), 1-1 Gössing, 2-1 Redfern]
[Dec 10, 1899; Hohe Warte]
Vienna        3-1 FC 98

Final [Mar 11, 1900]
Vienna        2-0 Cricketer
  [1-0 Eipel, 2-0 Albert; half-time 2-0]
  [Vienna were missing Links and Gindl; Cricket were missing Windett.]


Known Participants (6):
Cricketer - Vienna Cricket and FC 
FC 98     - Fußballklub von "98"
Vienna    - First Vienna FC
WAC       - Wiener Athleticsport-Club
CAFC      - Ceský AFC Vinohrady (founded 1899 as CAFC Královské Vinohrady)
Slavia    - SK Slavia Praha

Quarterfinals (Austrian semifinals)
[Dec 2, 1900]
Vienna        1-2 Cricketer
  [0-1 Redfern, 1-1 Harry, 1-2 Falke (90'); half-time 0-1]
[Dec 30, 1900]
WAC           4-2 FC 98
  [half-time 2-1]

[Oct 21, 1900; Bohemian final]
Slavia       13-1 CAFC 
[Mar 10, 1901; WAC-Platz; Austrian final]
WAC           5-3 Cricketer
  [half-time 4-1]

Final [Apr 21, 1901; WAC-Platz]
WAC           1-0 Slavia
  [Taurer, 1st half]


Known Participants (7):
Cricketer - Vienna Cricket and FC 
  The other Viennese clubs were excluded due to a playing interdiction 
  against Cricketer, organisers of the Challenge Cup.
SC Baden
CAFC      - Ceský AFC Vinohrady (founded 1899 as CAFC Královské Vinohrady)
Slavia    - SK Slavia Praha
33 FC     - 33 FC
BTC       - Budapesti Torna Club
FTC       - Ferencvárosi Torna Club

Preliminary Round (unconfirmed)
Slavia         4-0 SK Union
  [possibly Bohemian semifinal but no date or other details available]

[Mar 9, 1902; Austrian final] 
Cricketer     17-1 SC Baden
  [half-time 3-1]
[Mar 16, 1902; Bohemian final]
Slavia         9-1 CAFC 
[Mar 23, 1902; Hungarian semifinal]
BTC            2-0 33 FC
FTC            bye

[Apr 27, 1902; Hungarian final]
BTC            5-1 FTC
[May 8, 1902; Wien]
Cricketer      4-3 Slavia         [aet]
  [the match had finished 3-3 after 90 minutes and 30 minutes of extra time
   were to be played (and, should the score still have been even after 120
   minutes, sudden-death additional time); Slavia refused to play extra time
   claiming one of the 3 Cricketer goals should have been disallowed for hands
   and extra time started without Slavia players; upon the referee's whistle,
   Cricketer had little difficulty scoring a goal to win the match 4-3]

Final [May 19, 1902]
Cricketer      2-1 BTC 
  [half-time 1-1]
  [Cricketer: Singer, Mac John, Relee, Friedl, Redfern, Charley, König, 
              Hüttl, Schönewolf, Bugno, Erni;
   BTC: Badonyi, Harsavy, Lucius, Cservanka, Ordody, Scrobak, Buda, Roca,
        Mano, Guttmann, Minden]


Participants (12):
Wien (8)
Cricketer - Vienna Cricket and FC 
DJ Währing- Deutsche Jungmannschaft Währing 
FC 98     - Fußballklub von "98" 
Graphia   - Graphia
Rapid     - SK Rapid
Victoria  - Victoria
Vienna    - First Vienna FC
Vorwärts  - FC Vorwärts
WAC       - Wiener Athletiksport-Club
Mödling (1)
Mödling   - FC Mödling
Praha (1)
CAFC      - Ceský AFC Vinohrady (founded 1899 as CAFC Královské Vinohrady)
Budapest (2)
33 FC     - 33 FC
FTC       - Ferencvárosi Torna Club

Austrian Tournament

First Round 
[Nov 16]
DJ Währing     w/o Vorwärts       [Vorwärts did not show]
[Nov 30]
Mödling        7-2 Victoria

Second Round 
[Nov 9]
Vienna         abd FC 98          [abandoned at 2-1 in 2nd half]
  [FC 98 withdrew after a contested goal (making it 2-1) for Vienna
   was awarded; on Nov 11, the match was annulled because the referee
   had been a former member of Vienna, contravening the rules of the
   tournament; on Nov 13, the match was awarded to Vienna, on which
   FC 98 protested; on Nov 20 the match was annulled again, after which
   Vienna withdrew from the tournament]
[Mar 15]
Cricketer      2-1 Deutscher SV   [aet]
  [half-time 0-0, 1-1 after 90 minutes]
WAC           14-0 FC Mödling
Graphia        3-0 Rapid          [aet]

NB: during the winter, DJ Währing and Vorwärts merged into Deutscher SV.

Semifinals [Mar 22]
Cricketer      2-0 Graphia 
  [half-time 1-0; 2-0 by Bugno; also counted for Tagblatt Pokal]
WAC            5-0 FC 98

Final [Mar 29]
WAC            2-1 Cricketer

Bohemian Tournament 

No matches played as CAFC were the only Bohemian participants.

Hungarian Tournament

Final [Nov 16]
Ferencváros    1-0 33 FC
  [goal in 25th minute]

Final Tournament

Semifinal [May 3]
WAC            5-1 Ferencváros 
  [half-time 1-0]
CAFC           bye

Final [May 24]
WAC            w/o CAFC           [dns]


Participants (9):
Wien (4)
Cricketer - Vienna Cricket and FC 
Graphia   - Graphia
Victoria  - Victoria
WAC       - Wiener Athletiksport-Club
other Austria (2)
Baden     - FC Baden
Viehhofen - Viehhofen
Praha (2)
CAFC      - Ceský AFC Vinohrady (founded 1899 as CAFC Královské Vinohrady)
Union     - Union Prag
Budapest (1)
33 FC     - 33 FC

Austrian Tournament

First Round 
[Nov 15, 1903]
Graphia       10-1 Baden
[Mar 13, 1904]
Victoria        -  Viehhofen
  [result not yet known]

Semifinals [results not yet known]
WAC            bt  Graphia
Victoria/Vieh. lt  Cricketer

Final [Apr 10, 1904]
WAC            7-0 Cricketer

NB: apparently the federation and the WAC agreed before this match
    that, should the WAC win, the Cup would remain a permanent 
    Wanderpokal with no team being allowed to keep it forever.  
    This suggests that the above match was not only the Austrian
    final but possibly the final of the entire competition 1903/04,
    with no teams from Praha or Budapest entering.  Technically 
    the above match apparently did not count as final, but it most
    probably was the final match of the competition (and known to
    be so when played).

Bohemian Tournament

CAFC            -  Union
  [result not yet known; possibly never played]

Hungarian Tournament

No matches played as 33 FC were the only Hungarian participants.

Final Tournament

NB: apparently all (remaining) Bohemian and Hungarian teams withdrew
    before the Austrian final on Apr 10, 1904, so the final tournament
    did not take place; its intended schedule (as drawn on Nov 1, 1903)
    was as follows:

CAFC/Union      -  33 FC
  [probably never played]
WAC            bye

WAC            w/o no opponent    [dns]  


NB: [Sch 25] states that the tournament 'had rested for two years',
    apparently because no proper finals were played in 1903 and 1904.
    A tournament for 2nd class teams was organised in parallel, but no
    results are known.

Match with unclear status
[Nov 6, 1904, Hohe Warte, att: 5,000]
WAC            4-3 Vienna
  NB: [Mar 97] claims this was the 1904 final, but that does not fit
      any other source.

Preliminary Rounds
Wiener SV      5-3 Graphia
Wiener SV     11-1 Viktoria

Semifinal [Apr 23, 1905]
Wiener SV      3-2 Cricketer

Final [Apr 24, 1905; Hohe Warte]
Wiener SV      2-1 MAC (Budapest)

NB: Wiener Sportvereinigung merged with Cyclisten-Club
    into Wiener Sport-Club (WSC) on February 25, 1907;
    Graphia merged with Schwechater SC into Germania.


NB: WAC not allowed to enter due to conflict with other clubs.

Austrian Tournament

[Apr 4]
Rudolfshügel   0-1 FAC	
[Apr 12]
Cricket	       1-1 Vienna
[May 9]
Rapid	       0-2 Germania	
Sportclub      3-1 Viktoria

Quarterfinal Replay [Apr 18]
Vienna	       0-3 Cricket 	

[May 16]
Germania       w/o Cricket        [Germania dns]
[May 23]
FAC	       0-3 Sportclub

Final [May 30]
Cricket	       0-3 Sportclub			   

Bohemian Tournament

First Round [Mar 28]
Teplitzer FK   5-1 Sturm Prag

[Apr 4]
Teplitzer FK   5-2 D. Sportbrüder Prag	
[May 9]
DSV Troppau    3-0 DFC Brünn	  [FV Troppau renamed DSV Troppau shortly before]

Teplitzer FK   w/o DSV Troppau    [Troppau and DFC Brünn excluded from tournament
                                   for using ineligible players in preliminary rounds]		 	

Hungarian Tournament

NB: only the "Neues Wiener Tagblatt" reported Easter Tournament in Budapest as
    Hungarian qualification stage for the Challenge Cup

Preliminary Round [Apr 7]
BTC (Budapest) 3-1 MAC (Budapest)

Main Tournament (Easter)

[Apr 10]
MTK	       1-0 BTC (Budapest)
Ferencváros    4-1 VfB Leipzig	
[Apr 11]
Ferencváros    1-1 BTC (Budapest)
MTK	       4-0 VfB Leipzig
[Apr 12]
BTC (Budapest) 1-2 VfB Leipzig
MTK	       1-2 Ferencváros

Final Table:

 1.Ferencváros    3  2  1  0  7- 3  5
 2.MTK            3  2  0  1  6- 2  4
 3.VfB Leipzig    3  1  0  2  3- 9  2
 4.BTC (Budapest) 3  0  1  2  2- 4  1

Final Tournament

Intermediate Round (Winners Bohemia vs Grazer AK) [May 30]
Grazer AK      o/w Teplitzer FK	  [GAK withdrew from tournament]

Semifinal (Winners Wien vs Winners Bohemia) [May 31]
Sportclub      1-0 Teplitzer FK   [abandoned at 1-0 in 55' due to injury 
                                   goalkeeper TFK; awarded to Sportclub ]	

Final [Jun 13, 1909; Hohe Warte]
Ferencváros    2-1 WSC

NB: final between the winners of tournaments in 'both halves of the Empire'


[Sch 25] explicitly states no Challenge Cup was played; various
sources nevertheless list a final:

Final [1910]
BTC (Budapest) 2-1 WSC

but this match is not explicitly detailed anywhere and would appear
to be a mix-up with the final of the previous season.


Preliminary Rounds
WSC            7-3 FAC            [March 19, 1911]
Rapid          2-1 Vienna
Cricketer      0-9 Simmering      [March 19, 1911]
WSC            3-1 Rapid          [spring 1911 in Rudolfsheim]
WSC           14-0 DFV Troppau

Final [Sep 24, 1911; Hohe Warte]
WSC            3-0 Ferencváros

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