Philippines - List of Champions

The first official football match in the Philippines was held in Manila on October 15th, 1907, in celebration of the opening of the Philippine Assembly, for a trophy donated by Governor-General William H. Taft (later US President); it was won by the Sandow team (renamed Sandow Athletic Club in 1909).
1911    All Manila
1912    Bohemian Club (Manila)
1913    Bohemian Club (Manila)
1914    Nomads SC (Parañaque)
1915    Bohemian Club (Manila)
1916    Bohemian Club (Manila)
1917    Bohemian Club (Manila)
1918    Bohemian Club (Manila)
1919      no competition
1920    Bohemian Club (Manila)
1921    Bohemian Club (Manila) 
1922    Bohemian Club (Manila)
1923    Ferencváros TC
1924    Cantabria
1925    International    
1926    Ateneo FC (Manila)
1927    Bohemian Club (Manila)
1928    San Beda College
1929    Peña Iberica
1930    San Beda Athletic Club
1931    San Beda Athletic Club
1932    San Beda Athletic Club
1933    San Beda Athletic Club
1934    University of Santo Tomás
1935    Malaya Command (Singapore)
1936-50   not held (only a Manila Football League was organised)
1951-66   not known
1967    Lions FC (Manila)
1968-79   not known
1979/80 San Miguel Corp (Metro Manila)
1980/81 CDCP (Manila)
1981/82 Navy 
1982/83 Air Force 
1983/84 San Miguel Corporation (Mandaluyong)
1985    Air Force
1986      not known
1987    Dumaguete FC
1988    M Lhuillier Jewellers FC (Cebu)
1989    Air Force
1990    Bacolod FC
1991    Navy
1992-93   not known
1994    Pasay City
1995    Makati
1996      not known
1997    Air Force Hawks
1998    NCR South
1999    NCR-B (Navy and Air Force combination)
2000-03   not known 
2004    NCR
2005    NCR
2006    Negros Occidental FA
2007    NCR
2008      not finished
2009-10   not held
2011    Global FC (Manila)
2012/13 Ceres FC (Bacolod City)
2013    Ceres-La Salle FC (Bacolod City)
2014/15 Loyola Meralco Sparks FC (Manila)
2015-16   not held
2017      a new nationwide league (Philippines Football League) is planned

NB: NCR = National Capital Region

The leagues listed below were or are restricted to clubs from the Manila Metropolitan Area.
Manila Football League

1930    De la Salle College
1931-35   not held
1936    De la Salle College
1937    De la Salle College
1938    De la Salle Football Club
1939    YCO Athletic Club
1940    YCO Athletic Club
1941    YCO Athletic Club
1942-46   not held
1947    Turba Salvaje
1948    Turba Salvaje
1949    Turba Salvaje
1950      not held
1951    San Miguel Brewery
1952    Turba Salvaje
1953    IL-FGU (Insurance Life Fidelity Guaranty Underwriters)
1954    YCO Athletic Club
1955    Lions
1956    Lions
1957    Lions
1958    Lions
1959    Lions
1960    Lions
1961    Lions
1962-65   not known
1966    Philippine Navy
1967      not known

Filipino Premier League

2008/09 Philippine Army FC 

NB: league restricted to Manila Metropolitan Area; other regional tournaments were
    announced but never took place

United Football League

2009/10 Air Force Rider 
2010/11 Air Force Rider 
2011/12 Global FC   
2012/13 Stallion FC           
2013/14 Global FC   
2014/15 Ceres FC   
2016    Global FC   

NB: league to be disbanded after the 2016 season due to the start of the
    Philippines Football League in 2017

Number of Wins (7):

 3 Global FC

 2 Air Force Rider 

 1 Ceres FC   
   Stallion FC        

NB: the league 

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