Somalia Cup Winners

1977    Lavori Publici (Mogadishu)
1978      not played
1979    Marine Club (Mogadishu)
1980    Lavori Publici (Mogadishu)
1981    National Printing Agency (Mogadishu)
1982    Horsed FC (Mogadishu)
1983    Horsed FC (Mogadishu)
1984    Waxcol (Mogadishu)
1985    Petroleum
1986    Marine Club (Mogadishu)
1987    Horsed FC (Mogadishu)
1988-01   not known
2002    Dakadaha (Mogadishu)        [aka Ports Authority]
2003-06   not known
2007    SIIT Daallo           1-0 Dakadaha (Mogadishu) 
2008-09   not known
2010    Fenyuus           0-0 2-0 Dakadaha (Mogadishu) 
2011      not known
2012    Banaadir SC           3-1 Badbaado 
2013      not held
2014    LLPP Jeenyo           4-2 Heegan

NB: player profiles at the Elman FC homepage would appear to
    indicate that Elman FC won one General Da'ud Cup around 1999.

Number of Known Titles

 3 Horsed FC (Mogadishu)
   LLPP Jeenyo (Mogadishu) [includes Lavori Publici]
 2 Marine Club (Mogadishu)

 1 Banaadir SC
   National Printing Agency (Mogadishu)
   SIIT Daallo
   Waxcol (Mogadishu)

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