Tahiti - List of Cup Winners

Coupe de Polynésie

NB: the distinction between the Coupe de Tahiti and the Coupe de
    Polynésie is not always clear; any clarifications are welcome.
1938   Marine
1945   CAICT
1946   AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1947   AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1948   AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1949   AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1950   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1951   AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)
1952   AS Vénus (Mahina)
1953   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1954   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1955   AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1956   AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1957   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1958   AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1959   AS Fei Pi (Papeete)
1960   AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1961   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1962   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1963   AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1964   AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1965   AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1966   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1967   AS Central Sport (Papeete)    1-0 AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)
1968   AS Punaruu (Papeete)
1969   AS Punaruu (Papeete)
1970   JS Arue (Arue)                bt  AS Punaruu (Papeete)
1971   AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)
1972   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1973   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1974   AS Vaiete (Papeete)
1975   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1976   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1977   AS Central Sport (Papeete)    bt  AS Pirae (Pirae)
1978   AS Pirae (Pirae)
1979   AS Central Sport (Papeete)    bt  AS Pirae (Pirae)
1980   AS Pirae (Pirae)
1981   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1982   AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)
1983   AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1984   AS Pirae (Pirae)              2-0 AS Central Sport (Papeete)
1985   AS PTT                        2-0 AS Excelsior (Papeete)
1986   AS PTT                        bt  AS Pirae (Pirae)
1987   AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)
1988   AS Central Sport (Papeete)    2-1 AS Dragon (Papeete) 
1989   AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)
1990   AS Vénus (Mahina)             bt  AS Pirae (Pirae)
1991   AS Vénus (Mahina)
1992   AS Vénus (Mahina)             bt  AS Pirae (Pirae)
1993     not held
1994   AS Pirae (Pirae)
1995   AS Central Sport (Papeete)    2-1 AS Manu Ura (Paéa)
1996   AS Pirae (Pirae)              bt  AS Dragon (Papeete) 
1997   AS Dragon (Papeete)           1-0 AS Tefana (Faa'a)
1998   AS Vénus (Mahina)
1999   AS Vénus (Mahina)             6-2 AS Tefana (Faa'a)
2000   AS Pirae (Pirae)              1-0 AS Vénus (Mahina)             [aet]
2001   AS Dragon (Papeete)           2-2 AS Vénus (Mahina)             [aet, 6-5 pen]
2002   AS Pirae (Pirae)              1-0 AS Vénus (Mahina)            
2003   AS Manu Ura (Paea)            0-0 AS Pirae (Pirae)                      [aet, 4-3 pen]
2004   AS Dragon (Papeete)           1-0 AS Manu Ura (Paea)    
2005   AS Pirae (Pirae)              2-1 AS Manu Ura (Paea)    
2006   AS Temanava                   2-1 AS Dragon (Papeete) 
2007   AS Tefana (Faa'a)         1-1 1-1 AS Manu Ura (Paea)            [aet, 4-3 pen]
2008   AS Tefana (Faa'a)         3-1 2-0 Central Sport (Papeete)
2009   AS Manu Ura (Paea)            2-0 Tahiti U-20  
2010   AS Tefana (Faa'a)             2-0 AS Dragon (Papeete) 
2011   AS Tefana (Faa'a)             1-1 AS Dragon (Papeete)           [aet, 4-1 pen]
2012   AS Tefana (Faa'a)             2-1 AS Tamarii Faa'a
2013   AS Dragon (Papeete)           1-0 AS Tefana (Faa'a) 
2014   AS Tefana (Faa'a)             3-1 AS Dragon (Papeete)           
2015   AS Pirae (Pirae)              3-1 AS Tefana (Faa'a)    

Number of Titles (71):

18 AS Central Sport (Papeete)

 9 AS Pirae (Pirae) [lost no finals other than indicated above]

 8 AS Fei Pi (Papeete)

 6 AS Tefana (Faa'a)
   AS Vénus (Mahina)

 5 AS Jeunes Tahitiens (Papeete)

 4 AS Dragon (Papeete)
   AS Excelsior (Papeete)

 2 AS Manu Ura (Paea)
   AS PTT (aka AS Postes)
   AS Punaruu (Papeete)

 1 JS Arue (Arue)
   AS Temanava [from Moorea] 
   AS Vaiete (Papeete)

Coupe de Tahiti
2001   AS Vénus (Mahina)             6-0 Central Sport (Papeete)
2002-03  not known
2004   AS Tefana (Faa'a)             1-1 AS Pirae                      [aet, 5-4 pen]
2005   AS Manu Ura                   0-0 AS Pirae                      [aet, 10-9 pen]
2006   AS Tefana (Faa'a)             2-0 AS Tamarii Fa'aa

Coupe des Autrales
1953-77  not known
1978   Tubuai

Coupe de France
See Tahiti/New Caledonia playoffs

According to the AS Pirae site, they won the Coupe de France in
1976, 1978, 1980, 1984, 1991, and lost the finals in 1989, 1990,
1992 and 1993; this does not appear to match participants in the
tournament proper.

AS Manu Ura won the Coupe de France on Tahiti in 2004, 2006 and 2009.

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