Vatican City - List of Champions

The ACDV (Attivitą Calcistica dei Dipendenti Vaticani) started organising football matches in 1966 when a first team, Societą Sportiva Hermes (of the Vatican Museums) was created; soon after three other teams (Gendarmeria, Amministrazione del Patrimonio della Sede Apostolica (APSA) and Sampietrini (guardians of the Saint Peter)) were founded and clubs played unofficial matches among each other. After more clubs were founded, a first official league was organised in 1972/73 with 7 clubs.

The Clericus Cup is a tournament between colleges and religious institutions in and around Rome, not directly connected to the Vatican City, with teams composed primarily of priests and seminarians from around the world; it is organised by the Italian CSI (Centro Sportivo Italiano). The Catholicus Cup is an end of season tournament following the Clericus Cup, to which an ACDV representative XI is invited, which won the tournament in 2007.

Coppa Amicizia
1973    Astor Osservatore Romano 
1974    Fortitudo Governatorato 
1975      no competition 
1976      no competition 
1977      no competition 
1978      no competition 
1979    Astor Osservatore Romano 
1980      no competition
Campeonato della Citta Vaticano 
1981    Malepeggio Edilizia 
1982    Hercules Biblioteca 
1983    SS Hermes (Musei Vaticani) 
1984    Virtus Vigilanza 
1985    Teleposte 
1986    Teleposte 
1987    Tipografia Osservatore Romano (TOR) 
1988    Servici Tecnici   [*1]
1989    Ariete APSA (Associazione S.S. Pietro e Paolo)
1990    Servizi Economici
1991    Dirseco
1992    Dirseco
1993    Dirseco
1994    Dirseco 
1995    Dirseco
1996-06   not held        [*2]
2007    Cirioni AS
2008    Associazione S.S. Pietro e Paolo
2009    Gendarmeria
2010    Dirseco 
2011    Dirseco                   
2012    Dirseco                
2013    San Pietro Team   
2014    San Pietro Team     
2015    Musei Vaticani

[*1] [gue]: Servici Economici
[*2] in 2001, Associazione S.S. Pietro e Paolo won the 5-a-side league

NB: although founded in 1934 FC Guardia never won the Vatican championship;
    Musei Vaticani's championship in 2015 was their second ever, after that in 1983 (as Hermes)

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