Colombia - List of Cup Winners

Copa Colombia

Season   Winners                  Runners-Up
Copa Colombia
1950-51  Boca Juniors     4-2 3-4 Santa Fe
1951-52  Boca Juniors     2-0 1-2 Millonarios
1952-53  Millonarios      2-0 3-0 Boca Juniors
1956     Millonarios              Independiente Medellín
1962-63  Millonarios      3-2 2-1 Deportivo Cali
1981     Indep. Medellín  3-1 1-1 Deportivo Cali 
1989     Santa Fe         0-0 2-1 Unión Magdalena
Copa Colombia-Postobón
2008     La Equidad       1-0 3-3 Once Caldas
2009     Santa Fe         1-2 2-1 Pasto            [5-4 pen]
2010     Deportivo Cali   1-0 2-0 Itagüí  
2011     Millonarios      1-0 1-0 Boyacá Chicó
2012     Atl. Nacional    0-0 2-0 Pasto
2013     Atl. Nacional    2-2 1-0 Millionarios
2014     Deportes Tolima  2-0 1-2 Santa Fe
Copa Colombia-Águila
2015     Junior           2-0 0-1 Santa Fe

NB: all editions listed above were organised by the Dimayor (División 
    Mayor del Fútbol Colombiano) and thereby official tournaments.

Total Wins (15; runners-up finishes between brackets)

 4 (2) Millonarios (Bogotá)

 2 (3) Santa Fe (Bogotá)
 2 (1) Boca Juniors (Cali)
 2     Atlético Nacional (Medellín)

 1 (2) Deportivo Cali 
 1 (1) Independiente Medellín 
 1     Junior (Barranquilla)
 1     La Equidad (Bogotá)
 1     Deportes Tolima (Ibagué)

   (2) Deportivo Pasto 
   (1) Boyacá Chicó FC
   (1) CD Itagüí-Ditaires  
   (1) Unión Magdalena (Santa Marta)
   (1) Once Caldas (Manizales)


NB: 18 participants (clubs in professional championship), 
    clubs were eliminated after losing two series

Results of clubs from Medellín 

Round 1 
Medellín         0-1 Sporting 
Sporting         5-2 Medellín
Nacional         3-0 Cali
Cali             3-2 Nacional
Huracán          3-5 Caldas
Caldas           1-1 Huracán

Round 2 - Losers Round
Medellín         0-4 Huracán
Huracán          2-2 Medellín
NB: Medellín eliminated
Round 2 - Winners Round
Nacional         2-3 Junior
Junior           4-2 Nacional

Round 3 - Losers Round
Millonarios      4-0 Nacional
Nacional         1-1 Millonarios
Huracán          6-0 Universidad
Universidad      0-0 Huracán
NB: Nacional eliminated

Round 4 - Losers Round
Huracán          2-1 Boca Juniors
Boca Juniors     2-0 Huracán 

NB: Huracán eliminated

NB: Santa Fe qualified for final through winners round;
    Boca Juniors qualified for final through losers round


First Leg [Feb 19]
Boca Juniors     4-2 Santa Fe

Second Leg [Feb 26]
Santa Fe         4-3 Boca Juniors


NB: 16 participants (clubs in professional championship), playing
    a two-legged knock-out tournament from December to March.

Results of clubs from Medellín (Huracán and Medellín disappeared;
Medellín would return in 1954, Huracán never)

Round 1 
Nacional         2-1 Junior
Junior           2-0 Nacional

Round 2 - Losers Round
Millonarios      6-0 Nacional
Nacional         2-4 Millonarios
NB: Nacional eliminated

NB: Boca Juniors qualified for final through winners round;
    Millonarios qualified for final through losers round


First Leg [May 14]
Boca Juniors     2-0 Millonarios

Second Leg [May 21]
Millonarios      2-1 Boca Juniors


NB: 12 participants (clubs in professional championship);
    losers round abolished while semifinals were played as
    two triangular tournaments

Results of clubs from Medellín 

Round 1
Nacional         1-6 Cúcuta
Cúcuta           6-0 Nacional
NB: Nacional eliminated


First Leg [Apr 12]
Boca Juniors     0-2 Millonarios

Second Leg [May 3]
Millonarios      3-0 Boca Juniors


NB: 12 participants: Santa Fe, Millonarios, América, Atlético Nacional,
    Independiente Medellín, Boca Juniors, Tolima, Cúcuta, Pereira,
    Magdalena, Quindío and Bucaramanga; first two rounds knock-out,
    followed by a final triangular tournament:

Triangular Final
[Nov 21]
Pereira          2-2 Medellín
[Nov 25]
Medellín         4-2 Pereira 
[Nov 28]
Millonarios      2-0 Pereira 
[Dec 2]
Medellín         1-1 Millonarios
[Dec 5]
Pereira          0-3 Millonarios
[Dec 9]
Millonarios      3-1 Medellín         

 1.Millonarios      4  3  1  0   9- 2  7
 2.Medellín         4  1  2  1   8- 8  4
 3.Pereira          4  0  1  3   4-11  1

Alberto Evaristo       (Arg) (Millonarios)    8 


NB: 12 participants (clubs in professional championship);
    semifinals were played as two triangular tournaments


First Leg [May 26]
Deportivo Cali   2-3 Millonarios

Second Leg [Jun 9]
Millonarios      2-1 Deportivo Cali

Homero Nivaldo Peixoto (Bra) (Deportivo Cali) 5
Alberto Perazzo        (Arg) (Santa Fe)       5

NB: by winning their 3rd consecutive edition of the Copa Colombia,
    Millonarios obtained the trophy to keep


NB: the tournament was resurrected as additional part of the league;
    attendances were low (averaging less than 500) and matches were
    played at unusual venues: La Dorada, Riosucio, Cartago, Anserma, 
    Piedecuesta, Sogamoso, Popayán, and Millonarios' training field.

NB: draws were decided by penalty shoot-out with the winners obtaining
    2 points and the losers none (as for normal wins and losses)

First Stage

NB: between 6 clubs not qualified for Cuadrangulares: Pereira,
    Santa Fe, Independiente Medellín, Caldas, Bucaramanga, Cúcuta
    (see 1981 league)

Played as round robin, winners: Medellín, qualified for final

Second Stage

NB: between 4 clubs eliminated in Cuadrangulares: Magdalena,
    Millonarios, Quindio and Deportivo Cali (see 1981 league)

Played as round robin, winners: Deportivo Cali, qualified for final


First Leg [Dec 16, Medellín]
Medellín         3-1 Deportivo Cali

Second Leg [Dec 19, Medellín due to unavailability of stadium Cali]
Deportivo Cali   1-1 Medellín

NB: by this win, Medellín obtained a place in the Cuadrangulares
    1982 which they eventually did not need as they also qualified
    in the 1982 league season.

NB: as this tournament was an integral part of the league, results
    are added to the all-time table.


NB: 15 participants (clubs in professional championship);
    tournament played at half-way stage of league championship;

First Stage

Grupo A (occidental) 
   Once Caldas

Grupo B (central)  
   Santa Fe

Grupo C (septentrional) 

NB: points were given after teams played each other home-and-away;
    the top-8 of the overall standings qualified for the second stage:
 3.Santa Fe

Quarterfinals (over 2 legs)
Junior           bt  Pereira
Millonarios      bt  América
Santa Fe         bt  Quindío 
Medellín         lt  Magdalena


First Legs
América          1-1 Santa Fe
Magdalena        1-0 Junior 

Second Legs
Santa Fe         3-1 América 
Junior           0-3 Magdalena


First Leg [Jun 28]
Unión Magdalena  0-0 Santa Fe

Second Leg [Jun 30]
Santa Fe         2-1 Unión Magdalena

NB: the top-4 obtained bonus points in the league:

 1.Santa Fe  0.500
 2.Magdalena 0.375
 3.Junior    0.250
 4.América   0.125

NB: as this tournament was an integral part of the league, results
    are added to the all-time table.

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