Madagascar - List of Cup Winners

Coupe de Madagascar

1974    Fortior Club de la Côte Ouest (Mahajanga)
1975    Fortior Club de la Côte Ouest (Mahajanga)
1976    Fortior Club de la Côte Ouest (Mahajanga)
1977    Fortior Club de la Côte Ouest (Mahajanga)
1978    AS Sotema (Morovoay)
1979    AS Sotema (Morovoay)
1980    AS St.-Michel (Antananarivo)
1981    Dinamo Fima (Antananarivo)
1982    AS Sotema (Morovoay)
1983    Dinamo Fima (Antananarivo)
1984      unknown (AS Sotema Morovoay (Mahajanga)?)
1985    Fortior Club de la Côte Ouest (Mahajanga)
1986    HTMF (Mahajanga)
1987    BTM (Antananarivo)
1988    BFV (Mahajanga)
1989    BTM (Antananarivo)
1990    BFV (Mahajanga)
1991    BTM (Antananarivo)
1992    COSFAP (Antananarivo)
1993    AS Cimelta (Antananarivo)
1994      unknown 
1995      unknown 
1996    Club S (Namakia)
1997      unknown 
1998    FC Djivan (Farafangana)      2-0 Fortior Club de la Côte Ouest (Mahajanga)
1999    FC Djivan (Farafangana)      3-0 Akon'Ambatomena (Fianarantsoa)
2000    FC Djivan (Farafangana)      1-0 FC Jirama (Antsirabe)  
2001    US Transfoot (Toamasina)     1-0 AS Fortior (Toamasina)
2002    AS Fortior (Toamasina)       3-0 US Transfoot (Toamasina)    
2003    Léopards de Transfoot        1-0 SOE (Antananarivo)
2004    USJF/Ravinala (Antananarivo) 2-1 USCA Foot (Antananarivo)
2005    USCA Foot (Antananarivo)     2-1 USJF/Ravinala (Antananarivo)      [aet]
2006    Ajesaia (Antananarivo)       1-0 USCA Foot (Antananarivo) 
2007    AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)      1-0 USCA Foot (Antananarivo) 
2008    AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)      1-0 Iarivo FC (Antananarivo) 
2009    AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)      2-1 Tana FC Formation (Antananarivo)
2010    AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)      1-0 Japan Actuel's FC (Antananarivo)   [aet]   
2011    CNaPS Sport (Miarinarivo)    1-1 Tana FC Formation (Antananarivo)   [aet, 5-4 pen]
2012    Terrible de la Côte Ouest    1-0 AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)
2013    AS St.-Michel (Antananarivo) 3-2 AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)
2014    AS St.-Michel (Antananarivo) 3-2 AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)            [aet]   
2015    CNaPS Sport (Miarinarivo)    2-0 AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)
2016    CNaPS Sport (Miarinarivo)    2-1 AS St.-Michel (Antananarivo) 
2017    Fosa Juniors FC (Mahajanga)  2-1 COSFA (Antananarivo)
2018    AS St.-Michel (Antananarivo) 2-1 AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)           
2019    Fosa Juniors FC (Mahajanga)  1-0 CNaPS Sport (Miarinarivo)   

Number of Titles

 5 Fortior Club de la Côte Ouest (Mahajanga)
 4 AS ADEMA (Antananarivo) 
   AS Saint-Michel

 3 BTM (Antananarivo) 
   CNaPS Sport (Miarinarivo)
   FC Djivan (Farafangana) 
   AS Sotema (Morovoay)

 2 BFV (Mahajanga) 
   Dinamo Fima (Antananarivo)
   Fosa Juniors FC (Mahajanga)

 1 Ajesaia (Antananarivo) 
   AS Cimelta (Antananarivo) 
   Club S (Namakia) 
   COSFAP (Antananarivo)
   AS Fortior (Toamasina)    
   HTMF (Mahajanga) 
   Léopards de Transfoot (Brickaville)
   Terrible de la Côte Ouest (Boeny)
   US Transfoot (Toamasina)
   USCA Foot (Antananarivo) 
   USJF/Ravinala (Antananarivo) 

Explanation of various abbreviations:

ADEMA   = Aéroports DE MAdagascar
Ajesaia = Association des JEunes Sportifs de l'Avenir Inter-Arrondissements
BFV     = Banky Fampadrosoana ny Varotra
BTM     = Bataillon de Tirailleurs Malgaches
          (also given as Bankin' ny Tantsaha Mpamokatra)
CNaPS   = Caisse Nationale de Prévoyance Sociale
HTMF    = Herin Tanoro Milalao Fampianarana
JIRAMA  = JIro sy RAno MAlagasy
SOE     = Stade Olympique de l'Emyrne  
USJF    = Union Sportive des Jeunes Foot-balleurs    

Super Coupe de Madagascar

2002    AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)      1-0 AS Fortior (Toamasina)   
2003    Ecoredipharm                 2-0 Léopards de Transfoot
2004      not known (USJF/Ravinala (Antananarivo) won double)
2005      not known (USCA Foot (Antananarivo) won double)
2006    AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)      1-0 Ajesaia (Antananarivo)
2007    Ajesaia (Antananarivo)       1-1 AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)           [aet, 3-1 pen]
2008    AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)      4-2 Académie Ny Antsika               [aet]
2009    Ajesaia (Antananarivo)       1-0 AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)           [aet]
2010    CNaPS Sport (Itasy)          3-2 AS ADEMA (Antananarivo)     

NB: no data on editions prior to 2002 is available though AS Cimelta
    are reported to have won in 1994 (presumably referring to the 1993

Coupe des Sélections Régionales

2009    Boeny                        0-0 Analamanga                        [aet, 3-2 pen]

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