Maldives - List of Champions

National Championship

A national league only started in 1983; before, apparently the winners of various regional leagues (e.g. the Malé League and the Gan League, which presumably encompassed all islands in the Addu Atoll, including Feydhoo, Gan and Hithadhou) played off for the title; shared championships probably indicate that the final was drawn and the tie not broken.
Year Champions             Runners-Up
National Playoffs
1946 Customs and Naadhee Ahthamadhun [shared] [1st edition]
1947-68 not known        
1969    not known                    [*1]
1970 DNC and Zamaanee Club (Male)    [shared] [20th edition; *2]
1971    not known 
1972 Victory SC and DNC              [shared] [*3]
1973    not known                    [*3]
1974 ASA Nooraaneemaage [Hithadhou Island]
1975-82 not known
Maldives First Division
1983    not known          Valencia  [*4]
1984    not known
1985 Victory
1986 Victory 
1987 New Radiant           Valencia 
1988 Victory 
1989 Club Lagoons
1990 New Radiant           Valencia 
1991 New Radiant 
1992 Victory 
1993 Valencia
1994 Valencia
1995 New Radiant           Valencia
1996 Club Lagoons          Valencia
1997 New Radiant       2-1 Hurriyya
1998 Valencia      1-1 2-0 Victory
1999 Valencia          2-1 Hurriyya
2000 Victory 
2001 Victory           2-1 Valencia
2002 Victory           4-2 Valencia
2003 Victory           2-1 Valencia
2004 New Radiant       1-1 Valencia    [aet, 6-5 pen]
2005 Victory           1-0 New Radiant
2006 Victory           0-0 Valencia    [aet, 3-1 pen]
2007 New Radiant       3-1 Victory
2008 Valencia          3-2 Victory     [aet]
Presidents Cup
2009 Victory           2-1 VB Sports
2010 VB Sports         5-2 Victory           
2011 Victory           2-1 New Radiant [aet]
2012 New Radiant       0-0 Victory     [aet, 2-1 pen]
2013 New Radiant       4-2 Maziya      [aet]
2014 New Radiant       1-0 Eagles      [aet]
2015 Maziya            3-1 New Radiant 
2016 Eagles            1-0 TC Sports   [aet]

[*1] in 1969, DNC (=Delightful Neighbors Club) from Feydhoo first entered the
     national tournament, beating Orchid Club (Malé) 3-1
[*2] the 20th edition in 1970, played on the atoll Addu (probably on Feydhoo)
     was the only ever to be played outside of Malé
[*3] DNC reportedly won a soccer league 1973, but are listed with only 2
     shared national titles; possibly they only won the regional Gan league;
     in 1972 they won both the Gan League and the National Championship 
[*4] according to the AFC site, Valencia won the inaugural Maldives
     First Division in 1983; Valencia only claim finishing runners-up

NB: Valencia are also reported to have won the 'National Championship'
    in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997 but that must refer to a different
    tournament from the above (which is called 'National Football Tournament'
    Victory were reported to have won 19 championships in all after
    their win in 2006; for 9, the corresponding seasons are not known.

Number of Titles (in total 66 championships have been played (up to and 
                  including 2016; 47 champions known, including 6 shared
                  titles, so only 44 seasons)

 21  Victory SC  [NB: for 8 seasons, the year is not known; includes at
                      least 1 shared title (1972)]
 10  New Radiant 

  5  Valencia 

  2  Club Lagoons [later renamed IFC, currently VB Sports]

  2  DNC [both shared]

  1  ASA Nooraaneemaage 
     Eagles [their win in 2016 was their first ever]
     VB Sports

  1  Customs [shared]
     Naadhee Ahthamadhun [shared]
     Zamaanee Club [shared]

NB: DNC = Delightful (formerly Diligent) Neighbours Club; they were from 
    Feydhoo Island, Addu Atoll; club were dissolved 1975 or 1976

Dhivehi League Championship

League in existence since 2000; combines the top teams from the Malé League 
with teams from the other islands and used to be the final qualifying stage
for the national championship playoffs (see above); since 2009 apparently
considered the national championship.

2000 Victory 
2001 Valencia
2002 Valencia
2003 Valencia
2004 Valencia
2005 Hurriyya
2006 New Radiant
2007 Victory
2008 Valencia
2009 VB Sports
2010 VB Sports
2011 VB Sports
2012 New Radiant
2013 New Radiant
2014 New Radiant
2015 New Radiant
2016 Maziya     
2017 New Radiant

Number of Titles (18)

  6  New Radiant 

  5  Valencia 

  3  VB Sports

  2  Victory SC   

  1  Hurriyya

Malé League Championship

Since 2000 top teams from the Malé League qualified for Dhivehi league together
with some teams from other islands.  Between 2007 and 2016 there was no such
qualifying stage restricted to Malé.

2001 Victory
2002 Island FC
2003 Victory
2004 New Radiant
2005 Valencia
2006 Victory
2007-16 not played
2017 Maziya     

Number of Titles (7)

  3  Victory SC   

  1  Island FC
     New Radiant 

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