Dutch Antilles 1979/80

Kopa Antiano 1979/80

Kopa Antiano 1979/80

NB: played Oct 7, 1979-Feb 27, 1980

The away goal rule as used in the previous two seasons was abolished;
instead, if two teams obtained an equal number of points in the two
matches (regardless of actual goals scored), extra time was played,
followed by a penalty shoot-out if necessary.

Aruba:   R.C.A. (champions), Estrella (runners-up)
Bonaire: Real Rincon  (champions), Juventus (runners-up)
Curaçao: S.U.B.T. (champions), Jong Colombia (runners-up)

Round 1

First Legs [Oct 7]
S.U.B.T.          4-0 Juventus
R.C.A.            0-2 Jong Colombia
Real Rincon       0-0 Dakota

Second Legs [Oct 14]
Juventus          0-1 S.U.B.T.          [protest Juventus]
Jong Colombia     0-1 R.C.A.            [aet, 3-3 pen; shoot-out abandoned as losers were
Dakota            3-1 Real Rincon        certain to qualify as best losers]

NB: due to the protest of Juventus, the semifinals were postponed for several months;
    by the time Juventus' protest was rejected, both Dakota and R.C.A. had withdrawn
    in protest to the "organisation", leaving only the two Curaçao teams in the

S.U.B.T.          w/o Dakota
Jong Colombia     w/o R.C.A.


First Leg [Feb 24, 1980]
S.U.B.T.          0-1 Jong Colombia     

Second Leg [Feb 27, 1980]
Jong Colombia     0-0 S.U.B.T.          

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