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The first women's football club was founded in 1924 (1. Wiener Damenfußballklub „Diana“). In 1935 the Österreichische Damenfußball-Union was founded which organised a separate women's championship, first held in 1936 with teams from Vienna. The ÖDU was dissolved in 1938 due to the Anschluß with Nazi Germany. In 1957 some unofficial matches were played; the first official championship did not start until the 1972/73 season.

ÖDU Damenfußballklubmeisterschaft

1936    DFC Austria Wien
1937    DFC Austria Wien

WFV [Ostliga]

1972/73  Favoritner AC
1973/74  USC Landhaus
1974/75  Ankerbrot
1975/76  USC Landhaus
1976/77  SV Elektra
1977/78  USC Landhaus
1978/79  SV Elektra
1979/80  SV Elektra
1980/81  USC Landhaus
1981/82  USC Landhaus

NB: regional league mainly with Vienna teams

Bundesliga 1.Division

1982/83  USC Landhaus 	
1983/84  SV Aspern 	
1984/85  ESV Ostbahn XI 	
1985/86  1.DFC Leoben 	
1986/87  1.DFC Leoben 	
1987/88  USC Landhaus 	
1988/89  USC Landhaus 	
1989/90  Union Kleinmünchen 	
1990/91  Union Kleinmünchen 	
1991/92  Union Kleinmünchen 	
1992/93  Union Kleinmünchen 	 
1993/94  Union Kleinmünchen 	 
1994/95  USC Landhaus 	 
1995/96  Union Kleinmünchen 	 
1996/97  USC Landhaus 	 
1997/98  Union Kleinmünchen 	 
1998/99  Union Kleinmünchen 	 
1999/00  USC Landhaus 
2000/01  USC Landhaus	
2001/02  Innsbrucker AC
2002/03  SV Neulengbach
2003/04  SV Neulengbach
2004/05  SV Neulengbach
2005/06  SV Neulengbach
2006/07  SV Neulengbach
2007/08  SV Neulengbach
2008/09  SV Neulengbach
2009/10  SV Neulengbach  
2010/11  SV Neulengbach  
2011/12  SV Neulengbach  
2012/13  SV Neulengbach  
2013/14  SV Neulengbach  
2014/15  FSK St. Pölten-Spratzern
2015/16  FSK St. Pölten-Spratzern
2016/17  SKN St. Pölten Frauen   
2017/18  SKN St. Pölten Frauen   

Number of Titles (36; only Bundesliga)
12 SV Neulengbach

 8 Union Kleinmünchen (Linz)

 7 USC Landhaus (Wien)

 4 SKN St. Pölten Frauen (includes FSK St. Pölten-Spratzern)

 2 1.DFC Leoben

 1 SV Aspern
   Innsbrucker AC
   ESV Ostbahn XI (Wien)

Österreichische Damenfußball-Union Championships


[Mar 23]
DFC Wien             -  Vindobona            (att: 3.000)
[Mar 26]
Vindobona            -  Rapid
Final Table:

 1.DFC Austria                 16  14  1  1  89- 7  29
 2.DFC Wien
 3.DFC Vindobona 
 4.DFC Brigitta XX [later renamed DFC Admira]
Further participating teams:
   DFC Hertha  [retired]  

Champions: DFC Austria Wien
Wintercup winners: DFC Austria Wien
NB: the Österreichische Damenfußball-Union was dissolved in Augut 1938
    following the Anschluß to Nazi Germany.


Existing clubs playing unofficial friendly matches included DFC Fortuna
and Süd-Ost, both from Vienna; an Austrian women's team played two
unofficial matches against West Germany during 1957, losing the first 
0-11 in Vienna during the summer (August?) (the second match was fixtured 
for Salzburg in autumn, no result is known).

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