Zimbabwe (and Rhodesia) Champions

The regional league of Salisbury (played for the Governor's Cup) was won by BSAP 1935-1937; they also won the Osborn Cup 1937-1940; in 1938 BSAp joined the Mashonaland League.
In 1941, Bulawayo had a local league of 16 football teams, including Matabeleland Highlanders, Mashonaland Club, Northern Rhodesia Club, United Africans Club and Homesweepers Club of Western Commonage, playing a nine-month season.

In 1961, a league championship of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (corresponding to current Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe) was organised but aborted.

before independence (as Rhodesia)

1962    Bulawayo Rovers
1963    Dynamos (Salisbury)
1964    Bulawayo Rovers
1965    Dynamos (Salisbury)
1966    St. Pauls (Musami)
1967    State House Tornados (Salisbury)
1968    Bulawayo Sables
1969    Bulawayo Sables
1970    Dynamos (Salisbury)
1971    Arcadia United (Salisbury)
1972    Salisbury Sables
1973    Metal Box
1974    Salisbury Sables
1975    Chibuku (Salisbury)
1976    Dynamos (Salisbury)
1977    Zimbabwe Saints (Bulawayo)
1978    Dynamos (Salisbury)
1979    CAPS United (Salisbury)

NB: St. Pauls' title in 1966 was the only one for a club from outside Salisbury or
    Bulawayo (until that of Black Rhinos 1984)

since independence

1980    Dynamos (Salisbury)
1981    Dynamos (Salisbury)
1982    Dynamos (Salisbury)
1983    Dynamos (Harare)
1984    Black Rhinos (Mutare)
1985    Dynamos (Harare)
1986    Dynamos (Harare)
1987    Black Rhinos (Mutare)
1988    Zimbabwe Saints (Bulawayo)
1989    Dynamos (Harare)
1990    Highlanders (Bulawayo)
1991    Dynamos (Harare)
1992    Black Aces (Harare)
1993    Highlanders (Bulawayo)
1994    Dynamos (Harare)
1995    Dynamos (Harare)
1996    CAPS United (Harare)
1997    Dynamos (Harare)
1998/99 Highlanders (Bulawayo)
2000    Highlanders (Bulawayo) 
2001    Highlanders (Bulawayo) 
2002    Highlanders (Bulawayo) 
2003    AmaZulu (Bulawayo)
2004    CAPS United (Harare)
2005    CAPS United (Harare)
2006    Highlanders (Bulawayo) 
2007    Dynamos (Harare)  
2008    Monomotapa (Harare)
2009    Gunners (Harare)
2010    Motor Action (Harare)
2011    Dynamos (Harare)  
2012    Dynamos (Harare)  
2013    Dynamos (Harare)      

Number of Titles:

20 Dynamos (Harare) 

 7 Highlanders (Bulawayo)

 4 CAPS United (Harare) 

 2 Black Aces (Harare) [includes Chibuku] 
   Black Rhinos (Mutare) 
   Bulawayo Rovers 
   Bulawayo Sables 
   Harare Sables 
   Zimbabwe Saints (Bulawayo)

 1 AmaZulu (Bulawayo) 
   Arcadia United (Harare) 
   Gunners (Harare)
   Metal Box [defunct]
   Monomotapa (Harare)
   Motor Action (Harare)
   State House Tornados (Harare) [defunct]
   St. Pauls (Murehwa) [defunct]

NB: The city of Harare was known as Salisbury before 1982.


Black Aces FC were a splinter club from the previous Chibuku FC which folded
CAPS United = Central African Pharmaceutical Society - CAPS United were
              previously known as CAPS Rovers (until 1978 or 1979)
Black Rhinos were a splinter club from Highlanders (Bulawayo) - both teams
             continuing in parallel

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