Comoros - List of Champions

Champions Comoros
1979/80 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
1980-83   not known
1983/84   not known; Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) runners-up
1984/85   not known
1985/86 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
1986-89   not known
1989/90 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
1990/91 Etoile du Sud (Foumboni)
1991/92 Etoile du Sud (Foumboni)
1992/93 US Zilimadjou (Moroni); Faigaffe Club (Ouani) runners-up
1992-94   not known
1994/95 Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
1995/96 Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
1996/97   not known
1997/98   not known
1998/99 Volcan Club (Moroni)
1999/00   not known
2000/01 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) [*1]
2001/02 Fomboni Club (Fomboni)     
2002/03   not known; Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) runners-up
2003/04 Belle Lumière (Djaezi)  [*2]
2005    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) 
2006    AJSM (Mutsamudu)
2007    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
2008    Etoile d'Or (Mirontsy)
2009    Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)
2010    Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
2011    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
2012    Djabal FC (Iconi)
2013    Komorozine (Domoni) 
2014    Fomboni Club (Fomboni)
2015    Volcan Club (Moroni)
2016    Ngaya Club (Mdé)  
2017    Ngaya Club (Mdé)  
2018    Volcan Club (Moroni)
2019    Fomboni Club (Fomboni)
2019/20 US Zilimadjou (Moroni)
2020/21 US Zilimadjou (Moroni)
2021/22 Volcan Club (Moroni)

[*1] US Zilimadjou won Coupe Inter-Ligue 2001 and Tournoi Inter-Ligues 2001
[*2] other source: Elan Club (Mitsoudjé) 

NB: Faigaffe Club (Ouani) won multiple championships but the years are unknown;
    Coin Nord won the above 7 championships and no others;
    Elan Club (Mitsoudjé) won the above 3 championships and no others;
    Volcan Club (Moroni) won the above 4 championships and no others;
    Fomboni Club (Fomboni) won the above 3 championships;
    US Zilimadjou (Moroni) reportedly won the national title for the first time in 2020.

Number of Known Titles (30)

 7 Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)     [Ngazidja]  [won no other titles]

 4 Volcan Club (Moroni)        [Ngazidja]  [won no other titles]

 3 Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)       [Ngazidja]  [won no other titles]
   Fomboni Club (Fomboni)      [Mwali]     [won no other titles]
   US Zilimadjou (Moroni)      [Ngazidja]  [unclear whether 1993 title was official]

 2 Etoile du Sud (Foumboni)    [Ngazidja]  
   Ngaya Club (Mdé)            [Ngazidja]  

 1 AJSM (Mutsamudu)            [Ndzuani]
   Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)  [Ngazidja]  
   Belle Lumière (Djaezi)      [Mwali] 
   Djabal FC (Iconi)           [Ngazidja]  
   Etoile d'Or (Mirontsy)      [Ndzuani]
   Komorozine (Domoni)         [Ndzuani]

Towns on Ngazidja (Grande Comore) include:
Dembéni, Foumbouni, Iconi, Itsikoudi, Mbéni, Mitsamiouli, Mitsoudjé,
Moroni, Mtsangani, Mvouni, Seléa, Zilimadjou

Towns on Ndzuani (Anjouan) include:
Domoni, Mirontsy, Mutsamudu, Ouani, Sima, Tsembéhou

Towns on Mwali (Mohéli) include:
Bangoma, Chihouzi, Djaezi (also spelled Djoiezi), Fomboni, Nioumachoua

Island Champions

Ngazidja (Grande Comore)
1980    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) 
1981-85   not known
1986    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) 
1987-89   not known
1990    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) 
1991    Etoile du Sud (Foumbouni)
1992    Etoile du Sud (Foumbouni)
1993    US Zilimadjou (Moroni)
1994      not known
1995    Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
1996    Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
1997      not known
1998    US Zilimadjou (Moroni)
1999-00   not known
2001    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) 
2002    Volcan Club (Moroni)	
2003    Volcan Club (Moroni)	
2004    Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
2005    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) 
2006    Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
2007    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
2008    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
2009    Apaches Club (Mitsamiouli)
2010    Elan Club (Mitsoudjé)
2011    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
2012    Djabal FC (Iconi)
2013    Enfants des Comores (Vuvuni Bamabao)
2014    Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli)
2015    Volcan Club (Moroni)
2016    Ngaya Club (Mdé)  
2017      not awarded
2018    Volcan Club (Moroni)
2019    FC Malé
2019/20 US Zilimadjou (Moroni)
2020/21 US Zilimadjou (Moroni)
2021/22 Volcan Club (Moroni)	

NB: Volcan Club (Moroni) won 5 successive championships, years unknown;
    the 2011 title of Coin Nord (Mitsamiouli) was their 13th overall;
    in 1997, Apache Club were runners-up

Ndzuani (Anjouan)
1995    Faigaffe Club (Ouani) 
1996    Faigaffe Club (Ouani) 
1997-01   not known
2002    Citadelle FC 
2003      not known
2004    Etoile d'Or (Mirontsy)
2005    Chirazienne (Domoni)
2006    AJSM (Mutsamudu)
2007    Ngazi Sports (Mirontsy) 
2008    Etoile d'Or (Mirontsy)
2009    Steal Nouvel (Sima)   
2010    Komorozine (Domoni) 
2011    Steal Nouvel (Sima)   
2012    Steal Nouvel (Sima)   
2013    Komorozine (Domoni) 
2014    FC Ouani
2015    Steal Nouvel (Sima)   
2016    Steal Nouvel (Sima)   
2017    Etoile d'Or (Mirontsi) 
2018    Etoile d'Or (Mirontsi) 
2019    Steal Nouvel (Sima)
2019/20 FC Ouani
2020/21 Ngazi Sports (Mirontsy) 
2021/22 Steal Nouvel (Sima)

Mwali (Mohéli)
1990    Fomboni Club 
1991    Fomboni Club 
1992    Fomboni Club 
1993    Fomboni Club 
1994      not known
1995    Fomboni Club 
1996-00   not known
2001    Fomboni Club 
2002    Fomboni Club 
2003    Belle Lumière (Djaezi)
2004    Belle Lumière (Djaezi)
2005    Belle Lumière (Djaezi)
2006    Fomboni Club 
2007    Fomboni Club 
2008      not confirmed (Fomboni Club or Ouragan de Bangoma)
2009    Belle Lumière (Djaezi)
2010    Fomboni Club 
2011    Fomboni Club 
2012    Fomboni Club 
2013      abandoned
2014    Fomboni Club 
2015    Belle Lumière (Djaezi)
2016    Fomboni Club  
2017    Belle Lumière (Djoiezi)
2018    Fomboni Club  
2019    Fomboni Club  
2019/20 Fomboni Club  
2020/21 FCN Espoir (Nioumachoua)
2021/22 Fomboni Club  

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