Guinea - List of Cup Winners

In 1932, the Coupe Vadier was first played, later followed by the Coupe Bastos, Coupe Air France, Coupe Lamine Guèye and Coupe Kronenbourg. Since independence, the first national competition was the Coupe PDG, started in 1960, whose 1963 and 1965 winners qualified for the African Champions Cup of 1964 and 1966 respectively. Later the 2004 cup winners qualified for the 2005 African Champions League (qualifying) as no league was held in that year.

A national league was first organised in 1965/66. Between independence and 1970, teams were formed at district level; only afterwards the district teams were transformed into clubs (e.g. Conakry I to AS Kaloum Stars, Conakry II to Hafia FC and Sily Club de Kindia to Gangan).

before independence

Coupe Vadier
1938  Jeanne d'Arc (Conakry)
1940  Jeanne d'Arc (Conakry)
1941  Racing Club de Conakry 
1943  Société Sportive de Guinée (Conakry) 2-1 Racing Club de Conakry 
1945  Racing Club de Conakry 

Coupe Lamine Guèye
1947  Racing Club de Conakry               2-0 Resistance

Coupe Bastos
1947  Racing Club de Conakry           2-2 bt  Jeanne d'Arc (Conakry)
1949  Anciens Marins                       bt  Société Sportive de Guinée (Conakry)
1953  Anciens Marins

Coupe Kronenbourg
1954  Racing Club de Conakry               3-2 Société Sportive de Guinée (Conakry)
NB: with this win Racing won the cup permanently.

Coupe de Air France
1954  Racing Club de Conakry               1-0 Anciens Marins

since independence

Coupe PDG

NB: until the introduction of the national league in 1965, this competition
    qualified the winners for the African Champions Cup (1964 and 1966
    editions).  PDG = Parti Démocratique de Guinée.

1960  Conakry I
1961  Conakry I  
1962  Conakry I
1963  Sily Club de Kindia                  3-1 Conakry I
1964  Conakry I                            4-0 Sily Club de Kindia
1965  Conakry I
1966    not known
1967  Conakry II                           [first ever win]
1968  Sily Club de Kindia 
1969    not known
1970  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
1971  Hafia FC (Conakry)
1972  FC Kakandé de Boké
1973-74 not known
1975  Conakry V                            bt  Conakry VII
1976  Manden FC de Siguiri
1977-80 not known
1981  Conakry V
1982  FC Kakandé de Boké
1983  FC Kakandé de Boké
1984    not known

NB: Conakry I corresponds to Kaloum, Conakry II to Hafia, both districts of the capital;
      Sily Club de Kindia now known as Gangan;
    Conakry V and Conakry VII (the clubs of the 5th and 7th arrondissement of Conakry)
      both belonged to the Conakry 2 federation.

Coupe Nationale

1985  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry) 
1986  Club Olympique Kakandé (Boké)
1987  ASFAG (Conakry)                      bt  Makona FC de Guéckédougou
1988  Caïman Club de Kamsar
1989  Horoya AC (Conakry)
1990  Makona FC de Guéckédougou
1991  ASFAG (Conakry)
1992  Hafia FC (Conakry)
1993  Hafia FC (Conakry)
1994  Horoya AC (Conakry)
1995  Horoya AC (Conakry)
1996  ASFAG (Conakry)                      bt  Ashanti GB de Siguiri
1997  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry) 
1998  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)             1-1 AS Mineurs (Sangaredi)               [6-5 pen]
1999  Horoya AC (Conakry)                  bt  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry) 
2000  Fello Stars Labé                     2-1 Horoya AC    
2001  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry) 
2002  Hafia FC (Conakry)                   2-0 ASFAG (Conakry)
2003  Etoile de Guinée                     bt  Atlético Etoile de Coléah
2004  Fello Star de Labé                   2-2 Club Industriel de Kamsar            [5-4 pen]
2005  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)             0-0 Gangan FC (Kindia)                   [5-4 pen]
2006  Satellite FC (Conakry)               1-0 Club Industriel de Kamsar
2007  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)             1-0 Satellite FC (Conakry) 
2008  Satellite FC (Conakry)               1-1 FC Séquence de Dixinn                [5-3 pen]
2009  AS Baraka Djoma                      0-0 Hafia FC (Conakry)                   [4-3 pen]
2010  FC Séquence de Dixinn                0-0 Satellite FC (Conakry)               [3-1 pen]
2011  FC Séquence de Dixinn                3-1 Ashanti GB de Siguiri
2012  FC Séquence de Dixinn                0-0 Ashanti GB de Siguiri                [3-1 pen]
2013  Horoya AC (Conakry)                  1-0 Club Industriel de Kamsar 
2014  Horoya AC (Conakry)                  3-0 Club Olympique Coyah
2015  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)             1-0 Horoya AC (Conakry)   
2016  Horoya AC (Conakry)                  2-1 AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
2017  Hafia FC (Conakry)                   0-0 Horoya AC (Conakry)                  [4-1 pen]
2018  Horoya AC (Conakry)                  1-0 Wakriya AC (Boké)
2019  Horoya AC (Conakry)                  3-0 Club Industriel de Kamsar 

NB: the 2009 edition was the 50th

Number of Wins (35 - since 1985, thus without Coupe PDG; 25 editions missing)

 9 Horoya AC (did not win any other cups)

 7 AS Kaloum Star (reportedly won 8 cups in total)
 4 Hafia FC 

 3 ASFAG    
   FC Séquence de Dixinn
 2 Fello Stars Labé
   Satellite FC

 1 AS Baraka Djoma 
   Club Industriel de Kamsar (called Caïman Club de Kamsar until 1993)
   Etoile de Guinée   
   Olympique Kakandé 

NB: Gangan FC's final appearance in 2005 was reportedly their first since 1965 and
    second in total; as they are the successors of Sily Club de Kindia (likewise,
    AS Kaloum Star were formerly Conakry I) this does not fit the available early

Super Cup

2002  Hafia FC (Conakry)        5-3 Satellite FC (Conakry)
2007  Fello Star de Labé        1-0 Satellite FC (Conakry)
2008  Satellite FC (Conakry)    1-1 Fello Star de Labé        [5-4 pen]
2009  Fello Star de Labé        2-1 AS Baraka Djoma          
2010  FC Séquence de Dixinn     0-0 Fello Star de Labé        [4-2 pen]
2011    not known
2012  Horoya AC                 2-0 FC Séquence de Dixinn
2013  Horoya AC                 bt  Club Industriel de Kamsar
2014  Horoya AC                 1-0 AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)
2015  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)  0-0 Horoya AC                 [5-4 pen]
2016    not known
2017  Horoya AC                 1-0 Hafia FC (Conakry)  
2018  Horoya AC		       1-0 Wakriya AC (Boké)

NB: the 2008 edition was reportedly the 3rd.

Tournoi Ruski Alumini

NB: in 2005 between top-8 of previous championship

2001  Satellite FC
2002  Etoile de Guinée
2003  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)  bt  Satellite FC
2004  Satellite FC              3-0 FC Friguiagbé
2005  Athletico de Coléah       bt  Fello Star de Labé
2006  Satellite FC
2007  AS Kaloum Star (Conakry)  0-0 Hafia FC (Conakry)        [5-4 pen]

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