Réunion - List of Champions

Football was introduced to Réunion shortly after the first World War, and as a consequence the first clubs carried patriotic names such as Patriote, France, Madelon or Jeanne d'Arc; later clubs such as Tamponnaise, Indépandante and Franco-Malgache were founded, to be followed by Olympique de St-Denis, Royal Star, Saint Pierroise, Saint Louisienne, uniors Dionysiens etc. In the 1930s first championships were organised, in three different zones: la partie sous le vent (leeward), la partie au vent (windward) and Saint Denis.
1950    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1951    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1952    SS Jeanne d'Arc (St.-Pierre)
1953    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1954    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1955    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1956    JS Saint Pierroise
1957    JS Saint Pierroise 
1958    SS Saint Louisienne
1959    JS Saint Pierroise
1960    JS Saint Pierroise
1961    JS Saint Pierroise
1962    SS Patriote (St.-Denis)
1963    SS Saint Louisienne
1964    SS Saint Louisienne
1965    SS Saint Louisienne
1966    SS Saint Louisienne
1967    SS Saint Louisienne
1968    SS Saint Louisienne
1969    SS Saint Louisienne
1970    SS Saint Louisienne
1971    JS Saint Pierroise
1972    JS Saint Pierroise
1973    JS Saint Pierroise
1974    SS Excelsior (St.-Joseph)
1975    JS Saint Pierroise
1976    JS Saint Pierroise
1977    FC Ouest (St.-Paul)
1978    JS Saint Pierroise
1979    SS Saint Pauloise
1980    CS Saint Denis
1981    SS Saint Pauloise
1982    SS Saint Louisienne
1983    SS Saint Pauloise
1984    CS Saint Denis
1985    SS Saint Pauloise
1986    SS Saint Pauloise
1987    CS Saint Denis
1988    SS Saint Louisienne
1989    JS Saint Pierroise
1990    JS Saint Pierroise
1991    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
1992    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
1993    JS Saint Pierroise
1994    JS Saint Pierroise
1995    CS Saint Denis
1996    CS Saint Denis
1997    SS Saint Louisienne
1998    SS Saint Louisienne
1999    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2000    AS Marsouins (Saint Leu) 
2001    SS Saint Louisienne
2002    SS Saint Louisienne 
2003    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2004    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2005    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2006    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2007    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2008    JS Saint Pierroise
2009    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2010    USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)
2011    Saint Pauloise FC
2012    SS Saint Louisienne 
2013    US Sainte Marienne

Number of Titles (64)

16 SS Saint Louisienne
   JS Saint Pierroise
10 USS Tamponnaise (Le Tampon)

 6 SS Patriote (St.-Denis)

 5 CS Saint Denis 
   SS Saint Pauloise

 1 SS Excelsior (St.-Joseph) 
   SS Jeanne d'Arc (St.-Pierre) 
   AS Marsouins (Saint Leu) 
   FC Ouest (St.-Paul)
   US Sainte Marienne
   Saint Pauloise FC (St.-Paul)

Championship, Coupe de la Réunion and Coupe de France:
 2 JS Saint Pierroise (1971, 1989)
 1 SS Saint Louisienne (2002)
   USS Tamponnaise (2003)

Championship and Coupe de la Réunion:

 5 SS Saint Louisienne (1964, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1998)
 3 JS Saint Pierroise (1959, 1993, 1994)
   USS Tamponnaise (1991, 2006, 2009)
 1 Saint Pauloise FC (2011)

Championship and Coupe de France:

 2 CS Saint Denis (1980, 1987)
   USS Tamponnaise (1992, 2006)
 1 SS Excelsior St.-Joseph (1974)
   AS Marsouins (2000)
   SS Saint Louisienne (1997)
   US Sainte Marienne (2013)
   SS Saint Pauloise (1986)
   JS Saint Pierroise (1976)

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