Liberia - List of Cup Winners

1974    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1975      not played
1976    Cedar United (Monrovia)
1977    Cedar United (Monrovia)
1978    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1979      not played
1980      not played
1981    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1982    Saint Joseph Warriors
1983    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1984    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1985    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1986    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1987    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1988    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)
1989    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)
1990      not played
1991    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1992    NPA Anchors (Monrovia)            3-1 Invincible Eleven
1993    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)            2-0 Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1994    NPA Anchors (Monrovia)
1995    Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)
1996    Junior Professional (Monrovia)
1997    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)
1998    Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)  1-2 1-0 Junior Professionals
1999    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia) [?]
2000    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia) [*]
2001      not known
2002    Mighty Blue Angles (Unific. Town) bt  Mark Professionals
2003      not known
2004    LISCR FC                          2-0 Bassa Defender
2005    LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)
2006    NPA Anchors (Monrovia)            0-0 Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)   [aet, 3-2 pen]
2007    Saint Joseph Warriors             bt  LISCR FC
2008    Black Star (Monrovia)             1-1 Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)   [aet, 4-1 pen]
2009    Barrack Young Controllers         1-0 LPRC Oilers (Monrovia) 
2010/11 Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)      1-0 Barrack Young Controllers      
2012    Barrack Young Controllers II      1-0 Watanga FC
2013    Barrack Young Controllers         6-0 Fatu FC (Kakata)
2013/14 FC Fassell                        1-0 NPA Anchors (Monrovia)

NB: in 2006 the Liberia FA reported LISCR as holders (so 2005 winners)
    but this may be due to a mistake; however, LISCR apparently won the
    tournament two times (so once more apart from 2004)

Number of wins:

 8 Mighty Barolle (Monrovia)

 6 LPRC Oilers (Monrovia)

 4 Invincible Eleven (Monrovia)

 3 NPA Anchors (Monrovia)

 2 Barrack Young Controllers
   Cedar United (Monrovia)
   LISCR FC (1 season not known, possibly 2005)
   Saint Joseph Warriors

 1 Barrack Young Controllers II (reserve side)
   Black Star (Monrovia)
   FC Fassell 
   Junior Professional (Monrovia)
   Mighty Blue Angles (Unification Town)

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