Czech Republic - List of Champions

Note that the championships before 1925 are not considered to be official national titles.

Czech Republic

Mistrovství Cech
1896    CFK Kickers Praha    [spring]
1896    Deutscher FC Prag    [fall]
1897    SK Slavia Praha      [spring]
1897    SK Slavia Praha      [fall]
1898    SK Slavia Praha 
1899    SK Slavia Praha 
1900    SK Slavia Praha 
1901    SK Slavia Praha 
1902    CAFC Vinohrady
1903-05   no championship
1906-08   only cup competitions
Mistrovství CSF
1909    Starometský SK Olympia 
1910-11   only cup competitions
1912    AC Sparta Praha
1913    SK Slavia Praha 
1914      not played
1915    SK Slavia Praha 
1916      not played
1917    Deutscher FC Prag


Mistrovství Stredoceské zupy
1918-24   see list of Czechoslovak champions.
Profesionální liga
1925-34   see list of Czechoslovak champions.
Státní liga
1935-39   see list of Czechoslovak champions.

Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren

Cesko-moravská liga
1938/39 AC Sparta Praha      [continuation of Czechoslovak league]
1939/40 SK Slavia Praha
1940/41 SK Slavia Praha
1941/42 SK Slavia Praha
1942/43 SK Slavia Praha
1943/44 AC Sparta Praha
1944/45   abandoned


I. liga
1945-93   see list of Czechoslovak champions.

Czech Republic

I. liga CR
1993/94 AC Sparta Praha
1994/95 AC Sparta Praha
1995/96 SK Slavia Praha
1996/97 AC Sparta Praha
1997/98 AC Sparta Praha
1998/99 AC Sparta Praha
1999/00 AC Sparta Praha
2000/01 AC Sparta Praha 
2001/02 FC Slovan Liberec
2002/03 AC Sparta Praha 
2003/04 FC Baník Ostrava
2004/05 AC Sparta Praha 
2005/06 FC Slovan Liberec
2006/07 AC Sparta Praha 
2007/08 SK Slavia Praha 
2008/09 SK Slavia Praha 
2009/10 AC Sparta Praha 
2010/11 FC Viktoria Plzeň
2011/12 FC Slovan Liberec
2012/13 FC Viktoria Plzeň
2013/14 AC Sparta Praha 
2014/15 FC Viktoria Plzeň

Number of titles (28; since 1938/39)
14 AC Sparta Praha
 7 SK Slavia Praha

 3 FC Slovan Liberec
   FC Viktoria Plzeň

 1 FC Baník Ostrava

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