Congo-Kinshasa (DR Congo; formerly Zaire) Cup Winners

Stanley Pool Cup 1928-1938

Governor General's Cup

For regional or city selection during colonial time.  Played at least once,
in a week-long competition with the final on May 1, 1950, at the Stade
Leopold II in Elisabethville (now Lubumbashi), with an attendance of over

1950    Katanga                        2-1 Léopoldville

Two months after this win, Katanga played in a 'sub-Saharan championship'.

Coupe du Congo

1961    FC St-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi) 5-1 AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1962-63   not played
1964    CS Imana (Kinshasa)
1965    AS Bilima (Kinshasa)
1966    TP Englebert (Lubumbashi)
1967    TP Englebert (Lubumbashi)
1968    FC St-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi)
1969-70   not played
1971    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1972    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1973    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1974    CS Imana (Kinshasa)
1975    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1976    TP Mazembe (Lubumbashi)
1977    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1978    CS Imana (Kinshasa)
1979    TP Mazembe (Lubumbashi)
1980    Lubumbashi Sport
1981    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1982    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1983    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1984    CS Imana (Kinshasa)        1-2 1-0 AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1985    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)
1986    AS Kalamu (Kinshasa)
1987    AS Kalamu (Kinshasa)
1988    AS Kalamu (Kinshasa)
1989    AS Kalamu (Kinshasa)
1990    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)
1991    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)
1992    US Bilombe
1993    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)
1994    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     2-0 AS Bantous (Mbuji-Mayi)
1995    AC Sodigraf (Kinshasa)         4-0 Mbongo Sports
1996    AS Dragons (Kinshasa)
1997    AS Dragons (Kinshasa)          2-1 AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
1998    AS Dragons (Kinshasa)          1-0 AS Sucrière (Kwilu Ngongo)
1999    AS Dragons (Kinshasa)          3-2 AS Paulino (Kinshasa)          [aet] 
2000    TP Mazembe (Lubumbashi)        2-0 AS Saint-Luc (Kananga)
2001    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)        3-0 AS Veti Club (Matadi)
2002    US Kenya (Lubumbashi)          2-1 SM Sanga Balende
2003    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     2-0 TP Mazembe (Lubumbashi) 
2004    CS Cilu (Lukala)               1-0 AS Saint-Luc (Kananga)
2005    AS Vita Kabasha (Goma)         1-1 CS Cilu (Lukala)               [4-2 pen]
2006    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     4-1 AS Dragons (Kinshasa)
2007    AS Maniema Union (Kindu)       2–1 FC St-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi)
2008    OC Bukavu Dawa (Bukavu)        2-0 DC Virunga (Goma)
2009    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     0-0 AS Dragons (Kinshasa)          [5-4 pen]
2010    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     3-0 AS Ndoki a Ndombe (Boma)
2011    US Tshinkunku (Kananga)        1-1 AS Veti Club (Matadi)          [4-3 pen]
2012    CS Don Bosco (Lubumbashi)      4-0 AS Veti Club (Matadi)
2013    FC MK Etanchéité (Kinshasa)    1-0 AS Vutuka (Kikwit)
2014    FC MK Etanchéité (Kinshasa)    1-0 FC St-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi)
2015    FC St-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi) 1-0 Katumbi Football Académie (Lubumbashi)
2016    FC Renaissance (Kinshasa)      2-0 CS Don Bosco (Lubumbashi)  
2017    AS Maniema Union (Kindu)       1-1 FC St-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi) [4-1 pen]
2018    AS Nyuki (Butembo)             2-1 Jeunesse Sportive (Kinshasa)

NB: tournament called Challenge Papa Kalala 1982-1989

Total number of wins (54):

13 DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa) [includes CS Imana]  [*2]

 9 AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)                         [*1]

 5 AS Dragons (Kinshasa) [includes AS Bilima]
   TP Mazembe (Lubumbashi) [includes TP Englebert]

 4 AS Kalamu (Kinshasa) 

 3 FC Saint-Eloi Lupopo (Lubumbashi)

 2 FC MK Etanchéité (Kinshasa)
   AS Maniema Union (Kindu)
 1 US Bilombe (Bilombe)
   OC Bukavu Dawa (Bukavu) 
   CS Cilu (Lukala)      
   CS Don Bosco (Lubumbashi) 
   US Kenya (Lubumbashi) 
   Lubumbashi Sport
   AS Nyuki (Butembo)
   FC Renaissance (Kinshasa)  
   AC Sodigraf (Kinshasa)
   US Tshinkunku (Kananga) [reported to have also won 1985 final against AS Bilima]
   AS Vita Kabasha (Goma)

[*1] until the end of the 2002 season, AS Vita had won 24 championships
     in the Kinshasa league, twice the Challenge Papa Kalala (1982-1989),
     apparently entitling them to enter the African Cup Winners Cup (this
     must refer to their cup wins 1982 and 1983), and eleven times the
     Coupe du Congo (entitling the winners to enter the African Champions
     Cup between 1964 and 1989 as well as from 1992 to 1995 (with the losing
     finalists entering the Cup Winners Cup apart from the period 1982-1989?)
     and entitling the winners to enter the African Cup Winners Cup in 1990,
     1991 and since 1996 (with the introduction of the Coupe de la LINAFOOT).
[*2] DC Motema Pembe won the Challenge Papa Kalala twice (this must refer
     to their cup wins 1984 (as Imana) and 1985) and the Coupe de
     L'Indépendance three times.  They were forced to change name from Imana
     to Motema Pembe in 1985 by CAF following crowd trouble in their African
     Cup Winners Cup match against Dragons de l'Ouémé.

Coupe de la Fécofa

2001    Utexafrica (Kinshasa)          0-0 Inter (Kinshasa)               [aet,  4-1 pen]
2002    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     1-0 Inter (Kinshasa)      
2003      abandoned

NB: tournament not held since

Super Coupe du Congo

2002    FC Lupopo (Lubumbashi)          -  US Kenya (Lubumbashi)                    [Dec 15, 2002; result not known]
2003    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     w/o AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)                  [Feb 29, 2004; Vita withdrew]
2004    CS Cilu (Lukala)               1-1 DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     [6-5 pen] [Jan 23, 2005] 
2005    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     2-1 AS Vita Kabasha (Goma)                   [Feb 12, 2006]

2016    TP Mazembe (Lubumbashi)        3-1 FC Renaissance du Congo (Kinshasa)       [Aug 28, 2016]

Super Coupe de Kinshasa

Played between the EPFKIN champions and the newly promoted clubs at the start
of a new season.  (So the 2001 edition involved the 2000 EPFKIN champions and
the 2000 winners of the feeder leagues.)

2001    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     bt  AC Bandal (Kinshasa)
2002    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)        2-0 FC Système (Kinshasa)
2003    Olympic Club Kinshasa          bt  AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)
2004    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     1-0 AC Kintainers (Kinshasa)
2005    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)        4-0 FC Nzakimuena (Kinshasa)
2006    AS Vita Club (Kinshasa)        2-0 ATT Sport (Kinshasa)
2007    AS Pharmagros (Kinshasa)       1-0 FC Tornado (Kinshasa)
2008    DC Motema Pembe (Kinshasa)     3-0 US Amazone (Kinshasa)
2009    ATT Sport (Kinshasa)           1-1 Stade Kinois (Kinshasa)        [4-1 pen]
2010    US Filas (Kinshasa)            3-2 AS Vita Club (Kinshasa) 

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