Kenya - List of Cup Winners

Cup competitions since independence

FA Cup of Kenya
1954 RAF Eastleigh          1-0 Nakuru Railway African Football Team 
1955      unknown
1956 Mombasa Liverpool
1957-59   unknown
1960 Marama                 4-2 Gethin & Dawson
1961      unknown
1962 Mombasa Liverpool
1963      unknown
1964 Luo Union
1965 Luo Union
1966 Luo Union              4-2 Mombasa Liverpool
1967 Abaluhya United        3-0 Maragoli United
1968 Abaluhya United
1969-74  unknown
1975 Kenya Breweries 
Kenya Challenge Cup
1976 GOR Mahia              1-0 Busia United
1977-80  unknown
1981 GOR Mahia
1982     unknown
1983 GOR Mahia
1984 AFC Leopards           2-1 GOR Mahia
1985 AFC Leopards 
Moi Golden Cup
1986 GOR Mahia              1-0 Bandari (Mombasa)
1987 GOR Mahia              2-0 AFC Leopards
1988 GOR Mahia              bt  Kenya Breweries
1989 Kenya Breweries        1-1 AFC Leopards        [5-4 pen]                    
1990 Rivatex
1991 AFC Leopards           1-0 GOR Mahia
1992 GOR Mahia
1993 Kenya Breweries
1994 AFC Leopards           3-0 Kisumu Posta
1995 Rivatex                2-0 Ulinzi
1996 Mumias Sugar           1-0 Reli
1997 Eldoret KCC            4-1 AFC Leopards
1998 Mathare United         2-1 Eldoret KCC
1999 Mumias Sugar           3-2 Coast Stars         [aet] [*1]
2000 Mathare United         2-1 AFC Leopards        [aet]
2001 AFC Leopards           2-0 Mathare United 
2002 Kenya Pipeline         1-0 Mumias Sugar            
Transparency Cup
2003 Utalii                 2-1 Gor Mahia
2004 KCB                    1-0 Thika United
President's Cup
2003 Chemelil Sugar         1-0 AFC Leopards
2005 World Hope             2-1 Tusker                    [*2]
2007 Sofapaka               2-0 Homegrown
2008 Gor Mahia              2-0 Posta Rangers
2009 AFC Leopards           4-1 Congo United (Mombasa)
2010 Sofapaka               2-0 West Kenya Sugar
2011 Gor Mahia              1-0 Sofapaka
2012 Gor Mahia              0-0 Sofapaka                  [aet, 3-0 pen]  
2013 AFC Leopards           1-0 Gor Mahia    

NB: in 2003, the 4 semi-finalists of the President's Cup withdrew from
    the KFF and continued with their 'Transparency Cup' while the KFF
    continued their tournament with already eliminated clubs.

[*1] Mumias' win was revoked following a bribery scandal in the league; it is
     not clear whether Coast Stars were awarded the Cup.
[*2] a rival faction within the KFF (recognised by the Kenya government but not
     by FIFA) have awarded the cup to Coast Stars (Mombasa) after ordering a
     replay of their semifinal second leg against Tusker (who did not show, as
     they had already lost the final) and then scheduling a final against
     World Hope for which the latter did not show

Number of known wins (does not include Transparency Cup):

10 GOR Mahia (Nairobi)

 8 AFC Leopards (Nairobi; includes Abaluhya United)

 3 Kenya Breweries (Nairobi) 
   Luo Union

 2 Mathare United 
   Mombasa Liverpool
   Rivatex (Eldoret)
   Sofapaka (Nairobi)

 1 Chemelil Sugar (Nyando)
   Eldoret KCC (Eldoret)  
   Kenya Pipeline (Nairobi)
   Mumias Sugar (Mumias)
   RAF Eastleigh (Nairobi District)
   World Hope (Nairobi)

Cup competitions until 1930

Dobbie Cup
NB: this was a 'first division' competition restricted to Nairobi.

1907 Gymkhana Club
1908 Gymkhana Club
1909 Town FC
1910 Parklands SC
1911 Parklands SC
1912 Gymkhana Club
1913 Pirates FC
1914 Caledonian FC
1915-18   not played
1919 Kings African Rifles FC
1920 Nairobi Railway FC
1921 Nairobi Railway FC
1922 Caledonian FC
1923 Nairobi Railway FC
1924 Nairobi Railway FC
1925 Caledonian FC
1926 Caledonian FC
1927 Nairobi FC
1928 Kenya Police FC
1929 Caledonian FC

Girouard Cup
NB: this was a competition open to all clubs from the colony.

1910 Parklands SC
1911 Parklands SC
1912 Gymkhana Club
1913 Pirates FC
1914-18   not played
1919 Kings African Rifles FC
1920 Mombasa FC
1921 Mombasa FC
1922 Caledonian FC
1923 Civil Service FC
1924 Nairobi FC
1925 Mombasa FC
1926 Caledonian FC
1927 Kenya Police FC
1928 Nairobi Railway FC
1929 Mombasa FC

Remington Cup
NB: this was an inter-district tournament dominated by teams from the Coast Province
    in the southeast of Kenya, namely Mwenge FC (also known as Liverpool) and Feisal

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