Tunisia - List of Champions

Between 1919/20 and 1954/55, the champions of Tunisia (one of the regions of French North Africa) played off with the champions of three regional leagues in Algeria and the champions of Morocco for the North African Championship.
List of Final Tables since 1955 (independence)
before independence
1907-09 Racing Club (Tunis)
1910-21   not known
1921/22 Racing Club (Tunis)
1922/23 Stade Gaulois (Tunis)
1923/24 Stade Gaulois (Tunis)
1924/25 Racing Club (Tunis)
1925/26 Sporting Club (Tunis)
1926/27 Stade Gaulois (Tunis)
1927/28 Sporting Club (Tunis)
1928/29 Avant Garde (Tunis)
1929/30 US Tunisienne (Tunis)
1930/31 US Tunisienne (Tunis)
1931/32 Italia (Tunis)
1932/33 US Tunisienne (Tunis)
1933/34 Railway Sports (Sfax)
1934/35 Italia (Tunis)
1935/36 Italia (Tunis)
1936/37 Italia (Tunis)
1937/38 Savoia de La Goulette (Tunis)
1938/39 CS Gabésien (Gabčs)
1939/40   no competition
1940/41   no competition
1941/42 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1942/43   no competition
1943/44   no competition
1944/45 CA Bizertin (Bizerte)
1945/46 CA Bizertin (Bizerte)
1946/47 Club Africain (Tunis)
1947/48 Club Africain (Tunis)
1948/49 CA Bizertin (Bizerte)
1949/50 ES Sahel (Sousse)
1950/51 CS Hammam-Lif
1951/52   no competition
1952/53 Railway Sports (Sfax)
1953/54 CS Hammam-Lif
1954/55 CS Hammam-Lif

since independence
1955/56 CS Hammam-Lif
1956/57 Stade Tunisien (Tunis)
1957/58 ES Sahel (Sousse)
1958/59 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1959/60 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1960/61 Stade Tunisien (Tunis)
1961/62 Stade Tunisien (Tunis)
1962/63 ES Sahel (Sousse)
1963/64 Club Africain (Tunis)
1964/65 Stade Tunisien (Tunis)
1965/66 ES Sahel (Sousse)
1966/67 Club Africain (Tunis)
1967/68 Railway Sports (Sfax)
1968/69 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)
1969/70 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1970/71 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)
1971/72 ES Sahel (Sousse)
1972/73 Club Africain (Tunis)
1973/74 Club Africain (Tunis)
1974/75 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1975/76 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1976/77 JS Kairouan
1977/78 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)
1978/79 Club Africain (Tunis)
1979/80 Club Africain (Tunis)
1980/81 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)
1981/82 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1982/83 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)
1983/84 CA Bizertin (Bizerte)
1984/85 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1985/86 ES Sahel (Sousse)
1986/87 ES Sahel (Sousse)
1987/88 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1988/89 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1989/90 Club Africain (Tunis)
1990/91 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1991/92 Club Africain (Tunis)
1992/93 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1993/94 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1994/95 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)
1995/96 Club Africain (Tunis)
1996/97 ES Sahel (Sousse)
1997/98 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1998/99 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
1999/00 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2000/01 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2001/02 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2002/03 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2003/04 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2004/05 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)
2005/06 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2006/07 ES Sahel (Sousse) 
2007/08 Club Africain (Tunis) 
2008/09 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2009/10 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2010/11 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2011/12 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2012/13 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)
2013/14 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
2014/15 Club Africain (Tunis) 
2015/16 ES Sahel (Sousse) 

Number of Titles (61; since independence)

25 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)

11 Club Africain (Tunis)

 9 ES Sahel (Sousse)

 8 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)

 4 Stade Tunisien (Tunis)

 1 CA Bizertin (Bizerte) 
   CS Hammam-Lif 
   JS Kairouan
   Railway Sports (Sfax) 

Number of Titles (29; prior to independence 1921-1955)

 4 Italia (Tunis)

 3 CA Bizertin (Bizerte)
   CS Hammam-Lif
   Stade Gaulois (Tunis)
   US Tunisienne (Tunis)

 2 Club Africain (Tunis)
   Racing Club (Tunis)
   Railway Sports (Sfax)
   Sporting Club (Tunis)

 1 Avant Garde (Tunis)
   CS Gabésien (Gabčs)
   ES Sahel (Sousse)
   Espérance Sportive (Tunis)
   Savoia de La Goulette (Tunis)

Number of Titles (90; overall, since 1921)

26 Espérance Sportive (Tunis)

13 Club Africain (Tunis)

10 ES Sahel (Sousse)

 8 CS Sfaxien (Sfax)

 4 CA Bizertin (Bizerte) 
   CS Hammam-Lif 
   Italia (Tunis)
   Stade Tunisien (Tunis)

 3 Railway Sports (Sfax) 
   Stade Gaulois (Tunis)
   US Tunisienne (Tunis)

 2 Racing Club (Tunis)
   Sporting Club (Tunis)

 1 Avant Garde (Tunis)
   CS Gabésien (Gabčs)
   JS Kairouan
   Savoia de La Goulette (Tunis)

List of Final Tables since 1955 (independence)

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